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Are Westerners built for marriage?
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Anysia P.
Anysia P. 41 sekonda më parë
😒😒 Is that why white guys don't approach me? Ugh that's fucking laaaame.
Stop & Think
Stop & Think Minutë më parë
LMFAO Preach started singing Doodoo Brown 🤣 Ain’t heard that song in YEARS
NTC Productions
NTC Productions 2 minuta më parë
The issue with Ben and so on is this. They don't ask, what if it was me? It's not only about law. Even if it wasn't based on race, which it is, imagine if this was towards Jews or Europeans or Mediterranean people. It would suck still. Therefore it has to go.
Jorge Velez
Jorge Velez 3 minuta më parë
ABL might have a poor argument but his point still needs to be addressed.
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name 9 minuta më parë
Let me find out someone is faking. 😑
Jorge Velez
Jorge Velez 10 minuta më parë
I love ABL tho, hes funny too
FlyinSløths 10 minuta më parë
White girls tryna be deep for an hour
TypicalBoot 11 minuta më parë
I enjoy the "change my mind" series because its a look into the people of this country that care even a little bit, i would like to see a show putting random people who arent even politically savy but have opinions together. i think that would be interesting. i still like crowder but i do like this 3rd view, he did seem very off there without a doubt
Irmarie Quinones
Irmarie Quinones 14 minuta më parë
Ignorance at it's best
Sennza 15 minuta më parë
I wouldn’t mind signing a prenup tbh. Especially if the person I’m with has earned a lot of money prior to us getting together. I just don’t think I have a right to their money that THEY worked. Anyways I want a prenup regardless to protect myself
Max Kincaid
Max Kincaid 15 minuta më parë
Anybody else peep preaches watch?? 👀
Banana The Cockatiel
Banana The Cockatiel 20 minuta më parë
I nearly died when the HR graphic came up under the Thanos snap.
I.M. Shirley Rongh
I.M. Shirley Rongh 21 minutë më parë
Is this maybe also a guy culture thing with all the fights? And maybe an American thing too?
Paul Singh
Paul Singh 26 minuta më parë
- She took up a spot on the team & wasted it. Imagine losing a lifetime opportunity to compete at the highest level. Then you have to sit & watch the person you lost it to throw it away. - She had enough hubris to put ‘GOAT’ on her outfit. To then quit is not GOAT. Sorry. - Charlie Kirk had bad energy/emotion towards Simone. But he was right in general in terms of principle. Compete. Don’t compete. But don’t quit half way through. - Perform under pressure & not falling apart after is the benchmark for champions & excellence. This should not change. People who can not perform to that standard should not choose to compete at that level. Otherwise Sport will become a Sesame Street recital that no longer inspires people. This will also dull & eventually kill the effectiveness of brand sponsorships deals. Athletes lose out big time. - Simone should not be denigrated nor celebrated. The phrase ‘GOAT’ will become meaningless if we prioritise emotions over standards. - Andrew Schulz called it: Lots of compassion/sympathy towards Simone is sexist. If a guy quit like this, he would be mercilessly destroyed. - I take mental health seriously. But individuals misusing everyone’s compassion over mental health to minimise their poor choices, falsely claim victimhood status - whilst calling themselves a GOAT - AND having brand sponsorship deals - that is BS. And that does deserve Charlie Kirk energy.
ram sok
ram sok 27 minuta më parë
This must openly be the biggest cheating scandal the sports world has ever seen.
Picasso Madonna
Picasso Madonna 28 minuta më parë
she can do whatever she wants whether anyone liked her decisions. she still quit. she still broke a commitment. nothing praiseworthy about it.
Gauntlets 29 minuta më parë
Dis shit was recommended 2 me! Yeah! Unless and until mad science allows ppl 2 physically change *their chromosomes,* [thus chainging] their [physical] bodies, basically their entire make up, then trans-ppl r still their biological gender! There r some trans-ppl dat do have common sense and would agree; granted most probably won't speak up due 2 da current agenda(s)!
Bruh moment
Bruh moment 33 minuta më parë
In other words. I have no talent
Lance Hood
Lance Hood 34 minuta më parë
This is Pathetic. They Should get there own league
Rusty Shackelford
Rusty Shackelford 37 minuta më parë
Just so everyone is clear on this. Natives pay taxes unless you work more than 95% ON reserve. Couple that with most franchises being barred still from operating on rez, creates an atmosphere where you have to travel for work. Meaning you pay tax. 🤙🤙 the more you know... 🤷‍♂️
Rusty Shackelford
Rusty Shackelford 30 minuta më parë
Also any arguement that the government funds Native reserves or peoples taxes fund them is straight up BS. The money comes from natural resource sales which are clearly outlined in multiple treaties. And if you look up on "the Indian act" youd see that natives are labelled as "delinquents that cannot handle their own finances", which was all the evidence they needed to gain control of the money which they still hold in coffers, estimates today were somewhere around 12 trillion dollars, and it builds more interest in one fiscal year than the reservations take in as funding. Meaning it exponentially grows at this point.
Conor Walsh
Conor Walsh 38 minuta më parë
I can't....I don't have that many brain cells left to lose.
Reign2002 39 minuta më parë
If u look up narcissist in the dictionary...
sic Dasha
sic Dasha 41 minutë më parë
Its just highlights
EGTV 42 minuta më parë
he said 12 feet lol
Trulyloved🌷 42 minuta më parë
They don't even sound like they believe what they're saying. They're going to try to trap someone. HVM beware! 😳😂
Nat BvM
Nat BvM 43 minuta më parë
This channel might save the world
Symone Moore
Symone Moore 43 minuta më parë
Do you see how terrified the Chinese table tennis players were for losing. These people out here put so much pressure on people that couldn’t even perform a .001% as these individuals.
Nat BvM
Nat BvM 45 minuta më parë
Love preaches beret
FLdancer00 45 minuta më parë
I just wish she had been more in tune with herself to realize the her mental health was going down before she got to Japan.
Candy 46 minuta më parë
being trans is easy? you guys really keep disappointing me with your shit takes... glad i didn't kill myself yesterday just to watch this video, thx guys :/
FreeWorldSpirit313 47 minuta më parë
I want to be known for being smart and educated. Doesn't even know how to say hypergamy and doesn't actually know what a trophy wife is.
PeeGee Thirteen
PeeGee Thirteen 54 minuta më parë
Japan banning ADHD meds affecting Simone Biles is a big deal. Getting off meds cold turkey causes withdrawal side effects that can give that patient heightened anxiety and panic attacks for 7 days following. I work sitting down, I can't imagine doing super athletic feats
Bryan de Sá
Bryan de Sá 56 minuta më parë
8:40 you basically described what I think of cancel culture. It should be called consequence culture. And maybe you should do an informative video about it
d patra
d patra 59 minuta më parë
Nooo they turned off comments on the original video😭😭. I was looking forward to reading those😂
Veronique Gagnier
Veronique Gagnier Orë më parë
She maybe gave up a job but... Not her life ! Keep ya head up !
Donald Boone
Donald Boone Orë më parë
Well if you’re fit and in shape, chances are you’re eating healthy. Since you’ve are established food privilege in S tier, I think fitness privilege would be A tier as well.
Ascended Nightingale
Ascended Nightingale Orë më parë
I think a lot of people are being unnecessarily mean to her. If she wasn't feeling well during a competition, she could injure herself badly if she continues. It was smart of her to back out and focus on her mental health. If her teammates were fine with her backing out, then why should anyone get upset?
Korusion Orë më parë
My God.. I can NOT BELIEVE they actually rationalize their ideology and never questioned it. Hairy leg = female empowerment?!?
A G Orë më parë
Bruh you were triggered when you reacted to a Darius M video of why you shouldnt date woman over 30. Beta male simp provider for kids that aren't even yours lol. Never seen you so triggered. Lost respect for you. You're cringy dude. Not the red pill.
Adriana Flowers
Adriana Flowers Orë më parë
There’s only one case in which I recommend people to watch pron: Whenever you see one of these “regretful” pron stars crying about how bad people treat them and how men don’t get with them because they are “insecure” and you start to feel slightly sorry for them, go ahead and look up their pron videos. If it was a one time thing or a couple of videos, I would somewhat understand that they quickly regretted it and stopped. However, when they have hundreds of videos doing the filthiest things you can imagine... where was the regret then? When they were enjoying each act and screaming in pleasure, where was the regret? Nowhere. And that’s why these “regretful” pron stars are not really regretful. They enjoyed the ride (literally) and the money that came with it. The so called regret now comes with them realizing that they will never have a normal and fulfilling life and that they are not entitled to anyone or anything because just like they had the freedom to make their own poor choices, the moral part of the world can also make their own choices and reject them. Freedom goes both way girls! The freedom on you to mess up big time and the freedom of the world to not want to be near you.
Donna Doak
Donna Doak Orë më parë
I think they were more concerned with being sued or “called out” by the transgender community- and a lost of revenue… lets be real. And that clown who she was talking to- at first I thought that was the person she was referring to- smh-beat it flaky…she wasn’t talking to you! lol
Judah The grey Jedi
Judah The grey Jedi Orë më parë
Milton77 Orë më parë
The number one factor determining whether your relationship will be successful is both of you feeling that the other has your back no matter what
Women : don't objectify me Also women : Trophy wife 😂
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name Orë më parë
We were not made to be alone.
Robert Jackson
Robert Jackson Orë më parë
The mushrooms down here in Florida are psilocybin with the Purple Rain Lisa just wanted to do the shooting field cuz you drive the shoe fields on the way to the beach to go surf pick mushrooms Edom starts Truman right when the sun's rising in the ocean and he start surfing while you're on shrooms talk about spiritual sitting in the ocean on the surfboard with the sun coming up right when your shrooms kick in shrooms unlock your brain that's the thing with LSD it unlocks of portion of your brain is proving and once it's unlocked you think slightly different job said he would have never done what he did with the internet if not for LSD. I'm a little older so I used to catch the tail-end of the dead and the rainbow people in Ocala it's a hippie group that would sell LSD $4 hit and then I would just go up Wonder two different fields there's a couple Fields were farmers with Chase you with rock salt but that's cuz idiots of littered on his property and stuff thanks fan you always keep it interesting
Milton77 Orë më parë
It actually doesn’t matter if she’s his ex or his current girlfriend. You shouldn’t be talking like this about another person that is or was close to you for the whole world to see
Andrew Robertson
Andrew Robertson Orë më parë
Preach Preach!! “Open air prison” I felt that. What a term!
flawless footstomper
flawless footstomper Orë më parë
Why did you even give that idiot proud boy video air time on your show. Clearly he is just a racist.
elle c
elle c Orë më parë
This is gold
Quick Scope
Quick Scope Orë më parë
Non-vegan here, I’ve tried vegan food. With enough seasoning (about as much as you’d put on meat) it tasted great. Would I do it all the time? No; but once in a while is fine.
Brian Akalonu
Brian Akalonu Orë më parë
Bro wtf is wrong with Charlie Kirk Jesus, America just didn't get a gold medal 😭😭
Szweety Orë më parë
Attraction is based on pheromones
A T Orë më parë
All facts gentlemen
John G
John G Orë më parë
ALdesk put ad break when preach as for it. It shows up for me
FLdancer00 Orë më parë
Does Preach's shirt say Turtle Power? I need to know.
Kane 313
Kane 313 Orë më parë
I Have to disagree Preach , a simp has always been in reference to someone paying for something that a man gets for free , I.E. “Captain save a h#*”
NorseKorean Orë më parë
It's a partnership. Our income, is our income. My wife made more than I did, and when we had children, because I made less, I became the stay at home father. We don't think of it as MY money and YOUR money, it's OUR money. We don't make a lot, but we make enough and of course, we have our challenges, but we're a very happy, close-knit family, and I wouldn't trade that for any amount of money.
steve smith
steve smith Orë më parë
Tnk4me Orë më parë
Simone Biles: I need to not be on the team due to my health *Outrage Noises* *riots* Steph Curry(only un injured American NBA MVP: I need not be on the Olympic team sue to my reasons. *crickets* These people can't even be consistent about what they are outraged about which is disgusting.
brainly Orë më parë
When she said, when I was in prison.. I bust out laughing! Everybody just want I value man. In a (small )company before they hire you, they go through alot of ur background checks, drug etc. To think HVM are stupid won't check u out is just stupid. And also redefining a word won't change a thing. Men know what they want. To be a 🏆wife, a large number of men have to consider u hot,(we can see)low body count etc. If it is not then it is a fetish!!!!
Jo Overton
Jo Overton Orë më parë
Now I'm just saying a simple lock on the door and a polite walkthru for THEIR OWN PRIVACY would help alot. Please make sure CHILDREN ARE NOT PRESENT that's real real inappropriate
I am Xues
I am Xues Orë më parë
Yoo the beginning of the vid had me weak 😭😭
Pure Moi
Pure Moi Orë më parë
I am confused, they are mad that she she stepped down knowing she wasn't going to perform at her best and let someone who could help the team get better points and people are mad? If she participated and she lost they would still criticise her.
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name Orë më parë
Men want to be treated like women now and days. So feminine.
Bau ra
Bau ra Orë më parë
The 5th girl actually is the most beautiful of the five, she get last cuz she's the least attractive.
Pradeep Gurung
Pradeep Gurung Orë më parë
I am an Asian man who was a hard core liberal and later became a conservative. Both ABL and you guys have valid points however, this is also truth that the BLM movement has brought a wave of "sympathy for the criminals". For example, after the riots, laws got passed in California that "thefts value of $950 or less are considered misdemeanors", Police cannot chase criminals any more for certain crimes in Chicago and all the other BS. There are criminal sympathizers out there that believe that looting should be ok because they think its "wealth distribution". Source: aldesk.info/head/jtzAgtClroDE0Xk/video.html. ABL is making valid points here, rioting and looting had absolutely nothing to do with George Floyd. I mean think of it this way, George Floyd incident could have happened when Biden was president as well, do you think people would caused that much commotion? George Floyd incident was used as a political weapon as it also happened in an election year.
Damion Bogle
Damion Bogle Orë më parë
Lana is a throw away , ain’t no Trophy wife .
ChaoticConform Orë më parë
Didn't the judges say she was too advanced and would grade her worse for advanced moves since she was at a higher level than any other competitor?