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The Trophy isn't coming home but Rahcism is. 

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13 Kor 2021




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Gutzz151 19 ditë më parë
How Southgate imcompent. He made bad decisions in the final but he’s now one of the most successful managers in England history. Semi final in World Cup and final in euros. Tf.
Viking MGTOW
Viking MGTOW 14 ditë më parë
@Aba & Preach so true i am danish and they won on pisspoor desitions and luck also they denied danish people to enter England to support their country so some greit people in England gave danish people their tickets only so-called British living Danes where allowed to come to the game
Morten Legarth
Morten Legarth 14 ditë më parë
@Aba & Preach As a Dane living in London, I'm glad a Canadian acknowledges that the win against Denmark was not as "slam dunk" as my british friends keep saying. England footie has a lot of douchebag fans. I saw the Danish game at Wembley and had some horrible abuse from English fans as well. Not compared to the horrible racism we saw after the match, but it just goes to show how hate is ingrained in the football culture here. So sad.
saba baratashvili
saba baratashvili 15 ditë më parë
@Aba & Preach You were wrong on so many things: aldesk.info/head/iM_JZ5aga6eksYk/video.html
Trev Tall10
Trev Tall10 16 ditë më parë
@Aba & Preach This latest England is racist thing is yet another lefty psyop, 90-95% of those messages came from outside the UK (india, Pakistan and ITALY) no cops on the streets and the stewards outside the stadium with pocked bulging with money taken from allowing masses of ppl without tickets in (Farage saw it) even the UN waded in with a " report" that says the English are racist.
Cave Dweller
Cave Dweller 16 ditë më parë
@Mark Hughes It was racial abuse after racial abuse but choose to ignore it.
Charlie 22 orë më parë
2:26 : Raiders fans know whats up
Super Fly
Super Fly 2 ditë më parë
Pls don’t think we’re all like this. The funny thing is all these “die hard” England fans are supporting the 3 lions. Lions are from Africa. Muppets. Hope everyone realises that not all us England fans are like this. Large up U guys
puppy_dog Ditë më parë
"lions are from Africa" yes today they are but once upon a time they lived in many countries like England. The English/England isn't a muppet for having the 3 lions, the lion is the animal of England like the unicorn is the animal of Scotland or the eagle of America. Why don't you do a little research you'll probably benefit from it?
Melody Safo
Melody Safo 2 ditë më parë
Some of you assholes don't understand what it's like to be black and it shows
mr Cruz
mr Cruz 2 ditë më parë
We need to stop paying “athletes” cash for sports it’s getting ridiculous
BackedTrucker307 4 ditë më parë
My only thought of the match was England's manager was terrible. Keeping Rashford and sancho on the side for penalty. My God
Thaba Mkhwanazi
Thaba Mkhwanazi 4 ditë më parë
He just called football "kickball"...the way I'm soo disappointed
Jip Jackson
Jip Jackson 5 ditë më parë
People get charged up and they'll call you out for having long hair if they got nothin else. It's convenient and it WORKS to get people offended. Dude from Brazil when I was young got EXECUTED when he came back home after puttin the ball in his own goal....by his own countrymen!
Dr Thuganomics
Dr Thuganomics 5 ditë më parë
The craziest part is that we watched England losing just the same way back on Euro 2004. Beckham missing that goal.Crying in the semis and the golden generation of england not getting Euro.
Aiden Gilchrist
Aiden Gilchrist 6 ditë më parë
The behaviour of football fans makes me almost embarrassed to be a supporter. The reaction of Dani Alves, to just pick up and eat the banana was brilliant. Massive middle finger to the idiot that threw it at him.
D fox
D fox 7 ditë më parë
Nearly 90% of the comments were from outside the uk
Randy Claywell
Randy Claywell 7 ditë më parë
FYI fan is a contraction of fanatic.
A. Inai
A. Inai 7 ditë më parë
The fact is most of the racism didn’t even come from England it came from asians from a different country
Richard Ashton
Richard Ashton 7 ditë më parë
A lot of the violence you showed, was actually England fans fighting other England fans who had rushed the disabled gate to get in free. Obviously that's not an excuse, but context is needed. Also reports by the guardian newspaper suggest that the majority of the online racist abuse came from accounts based outside the UK, so to suggest this was all England fans is also incorrect. In reality the overwhelming majority of England's football fans, and its people generally were, and still are really proud of our players. And the abuse they have suffered has been rightly condemned. But we have a ruling and media class that hates the working class's favorite sport.
riziki michelle
riziki michelle 8 ditë më parë
FIFA is as racist as the NBA and NFL .
M B 8 ditë më parë
sounds like typical behavior on their part. not sure why people are surprised or "heart broken". zebras don't change their stripes. history has shown us that.
Mel M
Mel M 8 ditë më parë
No excuse,for any of it,and most of these animals, were grown men, some grandfathers kicking others to the ground, and they weren't calling Marus Rashford names when he fought the Government to give the parents support to feed their kids, people forget so easily , sad sh#t
isabel gomez
isabel gomez 8 ditë më parë
N°1: it's a fucking game, acting out because your team (not even you, personally, but some people you don't even know) lost, is retarded and unjustifiable. N°2: all football teams have racist gangs, the football industry knows about this and allows it, which is one of the reasons I find that industry disgusting and don't support it.
Mikołaj Balicki
Mikołaj Balicki 8 ditë më parë
Glad someone is talkin about racism in europe, because we are always talking about racism and it's always america but never tackle issues in europe. I as an european citizen would say that europe has a huge problem with racism and it almost never surfaces because there is not so many black people so nobody cares like that. For example in my small town in Poland there's so many people that are racist towards pretty much every single race other than whites and it's amazing for me how there is no problem around that here, no one is uncomftable with that it's just comon and saying the n-word in a song is also just a regular thing, no one cares. But if gyal has some juggs and is asian or african, bruv racism goes away.
Andrew Colucci
Andrew Colucci 8 ditë më parë
Football fans make me not like football...
spy master
spy master 8 ditë më parë
As a football fan who supported Italy because i hated the english fans from a tactical point forget race forget everything but football Haka is a great player bus he is still a kid and they placed him on the last penalty mean while veterans like sterling and other sat behind instead of steping up that was the veterans and the coaches fault you can't place a kid under such pressure whil you have players with contracts in the 100 million looking from the sidlines.
JD Diggy
JD Diggy 8 ditë më parë
And people still wonder why I do NOT wanna go to Europe.
Signity 7 ditë më parë
Mostly it’s good football hooligans are just a weird breed
BoasyBoyNori 9 ditë më parë
The clips in this video were English fans that paid for tickets vs English fans without tickets that steamed the turnstiles to get in for free. As briefs were selling for £5000 a pop, that is where the aggregated violence came from. This video drifted off in to the weeds pretty quickly. It maybe needed you to stick on one topic. Jaydon & Marcus & Bukayo ⚫🔴🟢
Josh Wiegers
Josh Wiegers 9 ditë më parë
Thats part of the problem with the US. Everyone gets a trophy instead of learning from loosing.
Kevin Reilly
Kevin Reilly 9 ditë më parë
The footage you show at 3:19 is where 'supporters' with no tickets broke into the stadium. The people fighting them had paid hundreds of pounds for tickets and were right to be angry. This message takes no relevance away from the 5% of UK based racial comments on social media. The graffiti'd mural did not have any racial connotations. This is media pushed. Again i am not condoning anything anyone has said or done and I reject racists. I have to fact check against the media's narative to keep races separated.
Dean Kirk
Dean Kirk 10 ditë më parë
We have a saying here in Canada we win we Riot we lose we riot
Buck McAntlerson
Buck McAntlerson 10 ditë më parë
It's not about real racism. It's about people being incredibly let down and pissed they didn't get the huge victory. They're pissed and lashing out to hurt feelings. Like you may be in love and married to a fat wife and have zero issues with fat people. But a let a fat lady piss you off and you're going to, in your worst moment of emotional passion, call her fat. You're obviously not a fatist bc you're married to a fatty you love with all your heart and have no issues. You're just attacking vulnerabilities at that moment.
Buck McAntlerson
Buck McAntlerson 10 ditë më parë
They were mostly peaceful protests though...
Steph Felis
Steph Felis 10 ditë më parë
Don't think you pair get this at all...and blatantly ignoring who made the penalty shot and why...
Ryan G
Ryan G 11 ditë më parë
I saw an interesting graphic that shows where the tweets were coming from. They were coming mostly from India, UAE, and Egypt according to SEMrush data on Twitter.
Paul Kaehn
Paul Kaehn 11 ditë më parë
Soccer fans have been displaying overt racism for years and no one calls them out for it.
Melody Safo
Melody Safo 10 ditë më parë
Because they didn't bother. But now people are recognizing it. Isn't that great?
Sun Rae
Sun Rae 11 ditë më parë
North Americans and their racist race-fetish. Are you ignore all the rest?. Forget about the disrespect, abuse or violence of English fans against other fans of other nations during the tournament because they were only "white". Even Children received hatred. But three rich Millionaires receiving disgusting online messages from racist idiots and all of the sudden "Race is the main topic". It´s always splitting the society into racial categories and playing the game of "who is the greatest victim" instead seeing the bigger picture and stand together.
ForsakenGentleman 11 ditë më parë
They were assholes on the social media from the start. Spamming, hating on others and putting them down (especially Croatians since they sent them home last time), bragging, etc.
hunterkiller1440 11 ditë më parë
This is why sports is awful. All the awful high school jock mentality kicks in.
Melody Safo
Melody Safo 11 ditë më parë
@Black Coffee why are you here anyway? hunterkiller1440 was right! These people don't have any tolerance fo people different than them.
Black Coffee
Black Coffee 11 ditë më parë
Oh stop.
Ally Jones
Ally Jones 12 ditë më parë
The Uk is institutionally racist..
Lauren Damaso Ruiz
Lauren Damaso Ruiz 12 ditë më parë
2:50 to be honest, if they did “get their way” and England had won there would still be the same amount of chaos afterwards. Did you see what was going on before the match, when they were confident they would win? They were already beating up Italians, smashing through barriers and wrecking the streets of their own country. They were so tanked up on alcohol I wonder how some of them even watched the match. These people aren’t there for the sport. For them, the sport is to be as destructive as possible and football is just a good excuse
Ricardo Ospina
Ricardo Ospina 12 ditë më parë
As bad as this is, this is nothing in comparison to the worst behavior as a result of a soccer match. Example Andrés Escobar who was murdered because of the own goal in the 1994 World Cup. Colombia was a real rough place back then.
AdonisGaming93 12 ditë më parë
Spot on about even if you are white if you fuck up they still come at you. I am from Spain and we really needed a good striker. Alvaro Morata was supposed to be that but he had some bad games and people sent him and his family death threats. He is a hot white boy. Football fans can be so freaking toxic.
Francisco Vazquez
Francisco Vazquez 12 ditë më parë
Pele was one of the first futbol players to encounter all that racism . He was thrown bananas had other futbol players charge at him with the spikes of their cleats aimed at him. He broke through all that. Pele is the greatest futbol player of all time.
Jj 12 ditë më parë
Radio in football will continue as long as the media is racist. Skysports Emily people who support racism and racist, like Carragher and also invite racists like John Terry onto their shows. Yet at the same time they talk about fighting racism.
Guilherme Calixto
Guilherme Calixto 12 ditë më parë
aba saying what the real football is.
Melody Safo
Melody Safo 12 ditë më parë
As a black woman, every time a racist comment is said about black people, regardless of upfront or subtle, it breaks my heart. You don't understand what it's like. To everyone who's saying that we can't eliminate racism, tell that to Ruby Bridges and the Little Rock Nine. Oh wait, you probably don't know who they are! I believe that we can reduce racism if we do something about it, because just standing there and letting it happen hasn't gotten us anywhere
domen 6 ditë më parë
Yes we get called for being slavic as slaves or they called us dirt whites but fuck it there will be many stoopid people around i never judge by the color its just stupid in my opinion
Melody Safo
Melody Safo 8 ditë më parë
@John Sinchi That's why we have to keep going regardless
John Sinchi
John Sinchi 9 ditë më parë
When its comes down to futbol it's a lot difficult. In Europe and in some parts of South America. There is a campaign the organization UEFA has call "No to racism". Its great start but a message that going to take a while to understand. There is a lot counties in Europe with so much bad history with blacks/color skins.
Tom Andriani
Tom Andriani 12 ditë më parë
Maurice edu was the perfect storm. Black and American. Dude got heckled nonstop when he played in Europe
Adam Knights
Adam Knights 12 ditë më parë
My heart goes out to millionaire footballers who can't kick a ball straight. Watch Rugby instead.
BaderzOG 12 ditë më parë
God damn this comment section really has a multitude of perspectives. I wanna touch on this idea of racism resurfacing in the UK, because I think it's true but not quite as stereotypically expected. Racial tension in the UK has been growing over years as more media is produced focusing on racial identity. Like ffs we have this BAME shite, classifying minorities, that's now turned into UKMUKGERs or some shit, because that's not dehumanizing at all, on top of that the English and British national identities have totally fallen apart. My family migrated here from India after WW1 and they refuse to call themselves British or English unless their rights as citizens of Britain are infringed. This is the shit that's driving like 1/3 of the racism, whilst another 1/3 is the lefty bigotry of low expectations, and the last 1/3 is pure "you have dark skin so I hate you" racism.
ICEE DARK 12 ditë më parë
At a hockey game, Ricky Ireland almost got into a fight for wearing Canada related attire to represent the opposing team.
Joe Trigger
Joe Trigger 12 ditë më parë
So shameful but a couple points have to be considered. It seems the majority of these tweets were from overseas accounts. Secondly 99.99% of Engand fans are not sending these tweets. There is a lot of Anglophobia resulting from this. Beware the bigotry of anti bigotry
ryan 8 ditë më parë
Absolutely true.
Ryan 12 ditë më parë
What’s annoying is last year one of the footballers who missed the penalty (rashford) campaigned to get free school dinners for kids in school who’s parents were sending them to school hungry because they couldn’t afford to feed them.. The government did a uturn and made the free school dinners possible for poor children. These same parents from these poor backgrounds were the same people using racist abuse against the footballer. Short sighted.
Motsognir 13 ditë më parë
Isn't it funny how the worldwide sport that most associate as the US avoiding is guilty of all the bigotry that gets lumped on the US? Nevermind the bigotry in other countries that often goes beyond what is seen in the US but gets swept under the rug because the camera is focused on the US. Futbal is a perfect example of how the rest of the world is full of its own shit when they get on their anti-USA kicks. "America sucks because X" *Non-USA country does that and then some all the time, and it shows up in football games* Gee, maybe we should really put all of humanity under the lens, not just the nonsense going on in one country that directly correlates with all other countries.
GG-MERCENARY 13 ditë më parë
I was called a cracka the other day. 😭😂
Melody Safo
Melody Safo 12 ditë më parë
That's not the point!
user not found
user not found 13 ditë më parë
Sometimes I feel bad for Ava and preach. Like I have so much respect for them, they stay making great points, keeping things in perspective, sometimes even playing devils advocate in a way that really opens my eyes. And NO hate to preach, I love this man, but sometimes Aba makes me think “it must be exhausting to have all of these opinions” Like I’m always exhausted. I’ve struggled with my mental health in a big way since I was a child. That’s exhausting for ME because I’m a weak person I guess. I just try to not care about a lot of things because I live in a state of being which is just always overwhelmed so sometimes I go through phases of optimal avoidance. But something about Aba makes me feel like he was just made this way in the sense that his perspective stays in the foreground of his mind while I feel like I’ve come to a place where I’m caring about the bare minimum so I don’t get too overwhelmed by life, but I come to people like Aba and preach to activate that perspective for me.
Quintonir 13 ditë më parë
The response didn't surprise me for two reasons. 1. There's always been limitless banter in football ranging from tongue in cheek chants to outright unkindness. Some fans take "just being straight up racist" as banter, given the outrageousness of normal stuff, and there will always be racists. They have typically been a minority and very much the Missing Step of football fans (also lol the hooliganism and literal mob violence since the 80s has not, however, been the Missing Step). 2. The radical left made the focus about the blackness of those few players and nothing else. If England had won, the conversation would have been about how important those black players were; since England lost, the conversation just went to how important those black players were. This is what people should expect when everything must be viewed through the lens of race. If race is the only thing worth considering, then race will be the only thing considered. That consideration involves disdain as much as admiration. You don't get one without the other.
Darkside of the sun podcast
Darkside of the sun podcast 13 ditë më parë
Soccer ****
R O'L 13 ditë më parë
Has anybody noticed that when we spoke less about race, there was less racism? Now I see it all the time because nobody shuts the fuck up about it. I'm a person of colour and I'm sick of this crap. I don't deny that it exists but it's such a FOCUS of everything. The abuse these lads faced weren't even mostly from the UK, it was from abroad!!!
Patricia Kelly
Patricia Kelly 13 ditë më parë
Most of the racist abuse was from overseas.
LargePie 13 ditë më parë
IT...IS...A...DAMN...GAME!!!! What is wrong with people?! Nobody told you to bet your mortgage/rent for the next year on a game where you obviously have a 50/50 chance at winning!!
Kidist Markos
Kidist Markos 13 ditë më parë
Yes, it's called Football.
david lukey
david lukey 13 ditë më parë
It had been proven that a tiny, and I mean TINY, percentage of the racist abuse aimed at the 3 England players came from The UK. England fans have a sketchy past but there hasn't been a problem for years now. They were great up to the final, then suddenly the atmosphere changed. I smell something fishy 🤔
Yoo Daddy
Yoo Daddy 13 ditë më parë
mastertrey 13 ditë më parë
“Its only game, why you have to be mad”
Claudia Ferreira
Claudia Ferreira 13 ditë më parë
Ditchy69 13 ditë më parë
We reacted extremely quick and aggressive etc against those few racists making us look like twats. It's still being talked about, shamed and acted on (by authorities) which still shows racism is not welcome. We lost after a butt clenching defeat...Italy sh*t themselves and had to resort to fouls and penalties to win...we did well to get that far, made possible by a brilliant team and the 3 amazing lads getting abused by a minority of childish racists.
Choughed 13 ditë më parë
Most of the racism was proved to have come from middle Eastern countries, wonder if you'll have the balls to have ago at that other protected group or is it just easier to jump on "the white man always bad" train?
gwandumi mwakyoma
gwandumi mwakyoma 13 ditë më parë
If i were them i would quit playing for the team. Let white men play themselves.
Melody Safo
Melody Safo 3 ditë më parë
Right! Us black people can take care of ourselves! Why can't white people do the same
Mario Vallanzasca
Mario Vallanzasca 13 ditë më parë
Many English fans suck, but to be fair, they actually made a study analyzing the racist comments after the game and found out that over 70% of these comments generated oversea, mainly in India and the middle East. www.newstatesman.com/science-tech/social-media/2021/07/who-behind-online-abuse-black-england-players-and-how-can-we-stop
bastenosia 13 ditë më parë
I know the topic of this video is much more serious and important but 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹
samroxeva 14 ditë më parë
1000000% the coach's fault. They were subs and should have been last on the list to shoot their pks. For those that dont understand soccer, strategically, the English coach fukd that game up
ryan 8 ditë më parë
True, grealish should’ve taken a penalty, and he wanted to. But no, we were screwed over.
Schimiya Saturn
Schimiya Saturn 14 ditë më parë
I hadnt actually seen any of this up until now. Everything aside, what in the world was that first kick. At least the other two got blocked
Opal Black
Opal Black 14 ditë më parë
Hey I get it… Biden only won by election fraud. I feel your pain England
Bear Tank
Bear Tank 14 ditë më parë
Am I the only American that can hear football and not only think of it as the American meaning?
BunnyMan 14 ditë më parë
England fans get a bad reputation unfortunately few minority of dick heads dont represent the whole fan base of England it annoys me that people think the whole nations fanbase is like like this
Im Favrr
Im Favrr 14 ditë më parë
Lmao this is France a few years ago all over again, when they win “They’re French, when they lose, they’re Black/Africans”
Ethan Charlette
Ethan Charlette 14 ditë më parë
i like the fact you mentioned Romani.
Dp_Upperscore 14 ditë më parë
Mexico fans
Mandy Symons
Mandy Symons 14 ditë më parë
My comment got removed f i v e people in g b were found to have made comments
N 14 ditë më parë
Racism is literally Europe culture, it would be like this every where , also was in Germany & France 2 weeks ago, 3 weeks Niederlands and other countries soo really , England is just the worst
avatoriox 14 ditë më parë
I keep wondering if racism covers it...sure it was a thing. We had 3 young black players being abused. But were it a ginger, he would have been abused as well. Were he just a regular caucasian, they would refer back to his team and if he were...I dunno from Man U, the segregation would be on local teams level. It's anthropology as well man...how many blacks hate each other at the office just because they are in another team....it's clan thinking, group and tribal relations. It got the species to where it is. And it is obviously slowing progress down now. But how do you reverse millennia of social conditioning? We are not one people. Heck the USA ain't one nation. The EU sure as hell ain't. Let's not even go Asian, cause they still go old school racist against all things non-Asion...only love and respect will get us through
raven 14 ditë më parë
Aggressive soccer fans, aggressive medium rare meat eaters and aggressive vegans... Y'all are in the same WhatsApp group. Nah I'm beginning to think aggressive vegans are wayyyyyy better than the two
James Lewis
James Lewis 14 ditë më parë
That's the English way
Roxy S
Roxy S 14 ditë më parë
It is just a game. The fans are Emotional idiots ! I can understand the athletes, who work hard for that opportunity to be the best until the next season getting upset, but they do not get stupid if they loose. Fans act as if they loose a paycheck if their favorite team looses!
Antonella Ciarico
Antonella Ciarico 14 ditë më parë
The goal keeper did his job, wasn't their fault
Ya Da Plays Badminton
Ya Da Plays Badminton 11 ditë më parë
Rashford Sancho and Saka’s pens were pretty bad when you compare them to Kane and Maguire.
HM Free mind
HM Free mind 14 ditë më parë
Completely correct on the manager. He’s an absolute joke
Anthony Wright
Anthony Wright 14 ditë më parë
That wasn’t italian fans getting attacked smh it was england fans beating up england fans who overpowered stewards to break into the stadium without any tickets
Louise Cook
Louise Cook 14 ditë më parë
Many fans couldn't understand why for the penalties, 3 mainly benched players were used and these were benched because they are young and not as experienced as other better players. Many of the rascist chants were from the Italian side, not saying that none came from the British side too, a small minority of idiots spoil it. They didn't get boo'ed when they took the knee this time as they were in previous games as BLM is understood for what it actually is, nothing to do with stopping Rascism it's a Marxist organisation that wants to destroy the nuclear family , destroy our way of life in favour of Marxism and it is well understood now that is all its about. We are very tolerant, friendly, loving and welcoming in the UK to anyone coming here in general but with illegal immigrants arriving in the hundreds or thousands each week still people have got fed up as jobs are hard to come by for all, not enough housing, doctors surgeries oversubscribed , NHS sinking under the strain of so many unwell people landing on our shores , our benefits system is fast running out of money and many of the immigrants quite openly demand a house & benefits and then they can stay home and not work while our system supports them and their ever growing families, our town and cities being taken over and the British being driven out of their homes because they are hounded until they go because it has been taken over by a certain religion who do not want whites living amongst them , they patrol 'their' streets threatening those they believe do not belong. So there are many things going on in this tiny island, population has increased by 12 million in 20 years. None of this excuses Rascism but it has to be looked at by all races, every race can be rascist and are to eachother and other races and cultures so it's not just whites whatever the narrative is, it is not just white people who can be Rascist at all, we take alot of Rascism toward us , more so now with this awful rascist Critical Race Theory being taught
Juwan Simmons
Juwan Simmons 14 ditë më parë
The final was karma for England, I'll explain the reason why I'm saying this. In the semifinal match between England and Denmark the English fans disrespected the Danish team during Denmark's national anthem, and there was a fake dive by sterling after light contact by the Danish defender during extra time. When Harry Kane took the penalty one of the English fans pointed a taser at the Danish goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel, despite of the taser he saved it but it bounced back in Kane's direction for a rebound. It was the most controversal match in the Euro. I knew Italy would win, there is a saying "Cheating will not take you far". England's fans showed their true colors, it disgust me how people will treat you when you win but call you a n**ger and pray on your downfall when you take an L.
M-b-m53 14 ditë më parë
I live in belgium close to a stadium and i hate it! I don't watch football i think it's boring sue me but I do have to deal with the bakery's closing at like 2 in the afternoon because of hooligans and helicopters flying over my house all night and watching which colors i'm wearing to make sure i'm good. I think football is just a game at the end of the day. I don't get people who get all dramatic about it. It's a game just like my favorite music artist is just a dude who makes music. If someone says yeah he isn't gonna make music anymore i'm gonna be sad but i'm not gonna go threaten this man's life because he's gonna retire cause he is just a man making music. This man doesn't owe me anything just like footballplayers don't owe these hooligans anything. Those people are just shitty and immature and need to get a life and maybe some therapy.
António Lopes
António Lopes 14 ditë më parë
Imagine if there were 3-4 white and yellow football players in all african national teams and the whites and yellows f....up the final.... HOW MANY WOULD SURVIVE? You should go watch what african public say to the players in africa
Jacek Dudek
Jacek Dudek 14 ditë më parë
"it's football, it's Europe, it's everywhere" (more along those lines) well, let me put this way - let's imagine South Africa being in the final in Africa Nations Cup, and in order to win the thing, their last player needs to score penalty. And this hypothetical player is white. And of Dutch or German origin. And is terribly inexpirenced. You can easily imagine what would've happen to him and his family back in RSA. It is everywhere, but considering what other cultures actually do in these situations, those boys got relatively easy - slander on social media is nothing compared to actual death scare, that usually happens in South America, for example.
Ricardo Ospina
Ricardo Ospina 12 ditë më parë
Death scare, Andrés Escobar got shot to death because his play on the pitch.
Dennis Ryner
Dennis Ryner 14 ditë më parë
I was at a bar in LA and was rooting for italy. When italy had scored their first goal I cheered and this english man says, “I didnt knkw you were rooting for Italy.” Then i explained to him how during the germany vs england match there was a little girl crying during the match and was bullied by a bunch of english fans with nazi comments. I was not okay with that as I am german and know how it feels to hear nazi comments. When italy won I cheered and he said, “This fucking German guy” and I lost my cool and said yall english people need to get your head out of your asses and stop with all this german hate and racism in general. I hate to witness this shit in person.
Dennis Ryner
Dennis Ryner 14 ditë më parë
Then i was petty and said it’s too bad football isn’t coming home 😂
Anthony Berry
Anthony Berry 14 ditë më parë
Try looking at where these comments originated from. Statistically more racist comments came from Italy directed towards English players than from England itself. And, by country, neither England or Italy or any other European nation even featured in the top 7 countries from which the abuse originated from. Saudi Arabia and India right up there though.
Waf 13 ditë më parë
Source for that claim? Seems entirely made-up.
Jacek Dudek
Jacek Dudek 14 ditë më parë
"... England lost, which sent a lot of people into extreme sadness" - but it also sent rest of Europe into extreme levels of happiness ;)
lozza b
lozza b 10 ditë më parë
@Jacek Dudek I mean fair dos, but don't forget the racism that persists in Italian football too. They're not saints themselves. I know how Europeans only ever see the negative side of things for some reason, but 90% of us aren't like that, and it's not really fair that we're generalised as the minority when it doesn't happen to other football fans 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Jacek Dudek
Jacek Dudek 11 ditë më parë
@Ya Da Plays Badminton i don't give a shit about your brexit XD besides try reading with understanding it will be good for you
Ya Da Plays Badminton
Ya Da Plays Badminton 11 ditë më parë
Just cos you lot are jealous of Brexit you don’t have to hate us. You should create your own anti EU party, vote for it and then when they threaten the balance in power the party in charge will give them an election
CallSpreadZero 14 ditë më parë
Man.. Think you guys nailed it. But shit, I definitely tie it to football/soccer. Unless you’re any sports team out of Philly.
NineBreaker 14 ditë më parë
Y'all spelled "racism" wrong. Just FYI.
Simon Taylor
Simon Taylor 14 ditë më parë
Hello guys. Saka, who took the last penalty plays for my team, Arsenal. He is absolutely loved by the supporters. Two thirds of the appallingly racist comments were from outside of Great Britain. Social media (Twitter) is an absolute cesspool. Many problems are being stoked were there aren’t any to begin with. Stay well lads.
Think Big Be Great
Think Big Be Great 14 ditë më parë
Come to think of it. These guys didn’t miss a penalty. The goalie caught 2 of the 3 penalty and the 3rd penalty was 1.5 “ of being one of the best penalty ever. But they didn’t see it that way. They just wanted someone to blame for the loss.
Chestnut1895 12 ditë më parë
Yes, because resentment.
Davif Mcmonies
Davif Mcmonies 14 ditë më parë
Was a small minority of English football fans that were racist. Britain isn't a inheritantly racist country and shouldn't be labelled as such because some dickheads decided to cry over some players missing penalties when they didn't even deserve to be there anyway. We didn't even beat Denmark we were gifted the win
Amanda Wayne
Amanda Wayne 14 ditë më parë
"For every winner there are dozens of losers. Odds are you're one of them." Demotivator posters prepared me for real life.
Dark Knight
Dark Knight 14 ditë më parë
I’m just surprised preach knew who Balotelli was
Hades Dogs
Hades Dogs 14 ditë më parë
Unfortunately this sort of thing happens a lot and not just to black football players and unfortunately when you loose and everyone is looking at you you’re the problem or you are the one who lost us the game and considering that Britain has never been in the finals there were a lot a LOT OF PRESSURE and when they missed everyone felt disappointed and people reacted differently, for some it’s was a oh well we tried for others ITS LIKE LOSING THE OLYMPICS BY JUST AN INCH, and there are those who are football fanatics much like American football but way way worse and by that I mean literally people dying sort of worse, where football fans tried to exit onto the pitch crushed men, women and children to death. And well people lashed out be it by punching the Italians or throwing racist comments to the players and so on, like wise I condone and condemn this sort of behavior however this is what British football fans are like and it can be very toxic, also they’re saying that this all started because they weren’t allowed to take the knee, WHICH IS BS, it has nothing to do with BLM or that other BS it’s simply because and unfortunately the players happened to be black and that the more stupider elements of the fan base became the major despite being the minority, and it depends really on who says what and how much ie a person could say THAT DAM N LOST US THE GAME vs THAT N LOST US THE GAME x20 from the same person making the problems seem much larger than it could be, a vocal minority can outweigh a silent majority. And as i said I disagree with this behavior however as stated when large numbers of people are together the individual intelligence tends to be replaced with a hive mind like mentality and they ultimately become stupider and are prone to rash or stupid behavior ie riots, and when the group collective increases their intelligence decreases
Hades Dogs
Hades Dogs 14 ditë më parë
It’s not really that surprising considering the general lack of intelligence from football hoolagons
Fari 9 ditë më parë
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