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31 Maj 2021




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Naaka Ugwu
Naaka Ugwu 2 muaj më parë
I was guilty of this, trying to make people commit to causes that don’t matter to them. I’ve finally understood how selfish it is. I’m better for it. No one owes anybody anything. Shit happens everywhere. Deal with it.
Vina Sok
Vina Sok 7 ditë më parë
i love it
nassim zway
nassim zway 9 ditë më parë
what does that even mean and how does that end up helping.
Aliquid Gaming
Aliquid Gaming Muaj më parë
I dont think you have to say you care or even feel like you should, but just acknowledge that shit happens and is happening. Some shit is worse than others. I think it shouldn't go fully ignored though as what happens with and in other countries does have a level of impact on us whether it be now or in the future. The problems in Isreal aren't everyone's problem but it does affect the US and UK tremendously because we backed Isreal and in ways are the reason they are a country. I think people just need to be a little more educated and informed. Not to the point you need to hold debates over the matter but just so you understand what is going on and how it may effect it. Not all consequences are immediately seen.
RedEgg Muaj më parë
Glad you grew a pair bro.
.,|by010|,. Muaj më parë
@Dri Ven you are so much so on point with iToys.. They just show that they dont care (which is their right), yet still they want to virtue signal... Becouse logic apparently. And apple does so many shady bullsh*t that im never gonna touch their devices.
Danger 3 ditë më parë
preach gotta stop looking at me like hes aba's bodygaurd and he thinks im gonna shoot him at any minute
Merle Trisch
Merle Trisch 4 ditë më parë
I don't give two fucks or too shits thanks for the video love it keep it up would love to meet you guys sometime
adaydreamhd 7 ditë më parë
You are not sorry. thats ma point
Seass 11 ditë më parë
I stopped caring the moment 'Rona came by and I shut out the world/social media. Focused on myself, haven't looked back. I think I would have driven myself crazy during that time had I not. I haven't watched a single news segment, read a single headline unless someone mentions it and I go looking myself if interested or truly concerned. Life is so freeing now, so meaningful. I also love how you mention everyone thinks the world is going to end because of all the hatred and hurt and disaster in the world. It's not. Humanity has been this way since the dawn of time, we just hear about it. There has always been disaster and hurt, some eras worse than others, and life goes on. People survived just fine without knowing anything, or just hearing snippets of info and brushing it away. Let's just focus on helping ourselves, our own families, our own communities. Eventually it will trickle to better things for everyone else.
gelindark 11 ditë më parë
Preacha & Preach Ça ksé.
Fogg Frog
Fogg Frog 11 ditë më parë
Using this people's logic, Martin Luther Jr. Would be then a bad person because he didn't speak up about the problems that happen in all other countries...well...maybe just MAYBE he did so much good stuff BECAUSE he concentrates on one thing!
Alejandro Mata
Alejandro Mata 21 ditë më parë
OMG, virtue signaling! It’s a real thing!
Rami Subora
Rami Subora 24 ditë më parë
I can't say how much I agree completely true and what bothers me also is the difference between people social media profiles and what they post and the people in real life is disgusting to a certain degree For me all I care about is getting through my day to day life and working to be a better person for myself and for the small circle around me other than that I just don't give a fuck I don't wish it goes worst I just can't afford to give a fuck
JarJarSenpai 25 ditë më parë
Facts. Dont apways see eye to eye with yall but thats ok. Yall gain alot of respect from me stay strong
Kev 26 ditë më parë
Thank you Aba, After the past month, this the perfect summation of how I feel and how I got through it. It's not that we're not capable of caring, but we only have so many F***s to give; I've doled out my allotment.
Luzycat7 27 ditë më parë
When we were just entering quarantine, I began to feel anxious and uneasy about having to care about everything, or that, because of my age (19), I had to be rebelious and actively fight for something. But then I thought "maybe we are not all made to fight" like some of us had enough shit and just want to live a peaceful life. Since then, my mental health has improved related to those topics.
joelle lenniger
joelle lenniger 29 ditë më parë
I agree.
TheKingCaseyShow 29 ditë më parë
Aba in this video is the guy giving an arousing speech about the world and preach is the security guard mean muggin the crowd for simply existing
Nikola Milinovich
Nikola Milinovich Muaj më parë
I'm assuming what you were reading you wrote yourself? That was so well said
Haytham Y.
Haytham Y. Muaj më parë
You just an african Jews. its alright buddy no body really care. Just keep doing what you good at
ty nechee
ty nechee Muaj më parë
Even if you do care youre sending your money to a corporation which takes a percentage towards their tax purposes. Otherwise youre better off facebooking thoughts and prayers. Good luck saving the world.
Q. Floyd
Q. Floyd Muaj më parë
I think this might be your best video.
Sydney Jane
Sydney Jane Muaj më parë
Nobody can fight all the world's battles. Pick your fights, invest your energy wisely, for the really important things, that really touch you. Help where you can, some things will have to get left behind. That's life. You can only do so much, so choose wisely. Do what you can for people in your own environment, you can make the most difference where you are, that is reality. Work on improving your immediate area and neighbors. If you can, bring the help else where.
lwss289 Muaj më parë
Excuse my ignorance, but does anyone know what is the backstory of what they were saying?
Twolf7 Muaj më parë
Mad respect
Twolf7 Muaj më parë
And much appreciated
Ge MIIO Muaj më parë
You can afford not to care because you're not directly affected. That's human selfishness.
GseWorldwide Muaj më parë
If you wanna get into the Salty Spitoon you gotta stare right back and make eye contact with preach for all 12 minutes and 1 second 😂
Lethabo Muaj më parë
all I'm saying is that LOONA comeback is on 28 June; all I'm asking for is an MV reaction 🙏🏾🙏🏾 pwease🙏🏾🙏🏾
LaLa D
LaLa D Muaj më parë
Hello BOUNDARIES! If relatable was a video!! Here for it!
Kurno B
Kurno B Muaj më parë
This was refreshing.
ES Muaj më parë
There’s no way it took preach 5 minutes and 27 seconds to move an inch😂
Ethan Cho
Ethan Cho Muaj më parë
Case in Point: Every episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
BJ Lee
BJ Lee Muaj më parë
It's should be the beautiful truth given rather than the ugly lie.
junkheadrooster Muaj më parë
It is legit a biological surviving mechanism that prevents us from being overwhelmed by too much stimuli. That is how we function and have made it thus far. We are literally geared to ignore and forget an excess of things that are not immediately important to us in terms of being safe--that is why we are hyper aware sometimes when this is threatened but soon adapt because we can't function if our nerves are shot. Imagine being constantly aware of every source of sound, shift in wind direction, temperature, objects' relative position in your peripheral vision combined with a million different anxieties and thoughts you have about everything--our body simply will not allow it to make sure that we're okay. Take care of yourselves, everyone, you don't have to be a 100% at all times. You need your quietude.
EpicAwesomeYo Muaj më parë
incoming long comment!!! I agree in a sense. if you put 7 billion humans all in one place and you have to care about each one on a more intimate level than an acquaintance, it's next to impossible. but to have so many people suffering at the level that they are is brutal and tragic. if we really wish for change and an improvement to our living, we need to keep evolving and progressing forward. holding onto rules and limitations that keep people from living a more free life is not how we are going to reach a time where we are okay. I appreciate both aba and preach because they have experience and views that are different from mine. they speak about it in a way that I can understand and can allow to consider different ways to think about many things. but that doesn't mean they are the world leaders. we all need to be the leaders and push eachother to make the world better, not more profitable. one day.
Code Man
Code Man Muaj më parë
As I've gotten older I realized I cant care about everything bc its damaging to myself. I feel sympathy for people, I wish I could save the world but I cant. I always say, oh well or it is what it is.
Quotablenotables Muaj më parë
Imagine having to make not one, but two of these kinds of videos in 2 weeks. One video for each ear, guess the third one's gonna have to be hardball and go up they ass cause they outta orifices.
Randy Candelario
Randy Candelario Muaj më parë
I think it’s ok to not care about things that don’t directly affect your life. I myself don’t care much about anything that doesn’t happen to me or those close to me. I tend to care more about topics that have to do with me culturally. I had a cousin of mine tell me I didn’t support LGBTQ a few years back when they were trying to pass gay marriage. She told me I needed to go out and vote so that gays have the right to get married. My response was I don’t give a fuck about that. It has nothing to do with me. It wasn’t coming from a homophobic place. It’s just not one of my concerns and it doesn’t really help the world get better. If I contribute to something I need to feel it. It’s as you say. Indifference. That’s what I feel for the majority of things.
Michael Gaga
Michael Gaga Muaj më parë
James Gotam
James Gotam Muaj më parë
Is this indifference thinking the same as corporation business type of deal? They technically don't have to represent/care about anything as well
Lordani66 Muaj më parë
Yes and no. You should care about others from our close proximity because their lives may impact yours. A kid in a school getting bullied? Help him with bullies, report to authorities, parents, whatever, because one day he or she may come to school not with MP3 or MP4 this time but with a MP5.
Whyso frsh
Whyso frsh Muaj më parë
I did an assignment in my modern writing skills course at Uni and used your video as an inspiration, got 98... Thanks guys😂🤝
d0g b0nez
d0g b0nez Muaj më parë
An example of this for me is the pandemic, I don't care for it, it hasn't affected me or anyone I know directly. I wear a mask and do all the safety measures but unless it impacts me or someone I know I genuinely just don't care, I've got enough going on as it is and I don't need another thing added to it
34smlS Muaj më parë
people read the bible, the world is already a fallen place. dont expect to achieve utopia
LoveTeeC3 Muaj më parë
I came to comment on the content (‘twas deep, yes) but yo...I just found myself staring at Preach. I LOVE looking at Preach’s face. Not lusting after him, he’s just photogenic as hayull. He has a beautiful smile but (as evidenced by this video) his mug game is strong, too...intriguing. Anyway, I agree. Everyone has something they feel strongly about and there’s not enough time to tackle them all.
Laura Willems
Laura Willems Muaj më parë
Some people would rather have a beautiful lie than the ugly truth! - Preach To me anything that causes one to cling to anger or hatred to grow against a fellow human is the most corrosive of lies, especially in the name of justice or vengeance.
Judah Weesner
Judah Weesner Muaj më parë
Preach staring me down like I did something wrong and he's just a bad cop waiting for me to fess up
ACoustaDC Muaj më parë
It's 115 F today here in Phoenix.
cloutloud glue
cloutloud glue Muaj më parë
What’s the topic we’re not caring about tho? I can’t sit here and say that I don’t care about topics like racism and rape because that can happen to *ANYONE* , I’m not the type to ask people to donate to a causes but to at least acknowledge it is enough for me.
Kiefer McGinty
Kiefer McGinty Muaj më parë
The message in this video is incredibly important for this generation, everybody alive today with internet access is genuinely at risk of falling into insanity. Fear is tremendously powerful.
StaRacer94 Muaj më parë
I agree completely.
Raynee Bruggeman
Raynee Bruggeman Muaj më parë
But c’mon I think we all can agree all us citizens should know what D-day is and what Memorial Day is for. But I am guilty of this as well I have gotten mad at people for not mentioning the 106th anniversary of the sinking of the Lusitania 🙄
Dylan Taylor
Dylan Taylor Muaj më parë
Why does Preach look hella annoyed? 🤣
Rpkillah's Food Adventures
I’ve been desensitized since watching budd Dwyer leak on camera. Saw it at like thirteen, p2p sharing. After that, I found “best gore” which is no longer with us. From that point, I’ve only cared about immediate family and if the bitch I’m fucking is ok to fuck tonight. If my job burns down I’m only concerned if payroll was sent out. I’m not too sad about it.
Alex Lund
Alex Lund Muaj më parë
Do you boo
Decluttering Diaries
Decluttering Diaries Muaj më parë
Same here
Modern Rooster
Modern Rooster Muaj më parë
The new generation thinks you have to be actively fighting oppression and can't sit on the sidelines. It's even in new journalism. Silence is violence.
Mahdi Miganeh
Mahdi Miganeh Muaj më parë
The world and its issues are too much for you. And it's okay. Stick with evaluation of women and what people say online. That's the audience you have: the ones that are woowed by your eloquence.
Jamesy Bollocks
Jamesy Bollocks Muaj më parë
Aba & Preach, you are lovely boys, Respect, but this got serious, i clicked on going for a laugh, and,.. urm.. welp, if it isnt happening at the end of my road, i dont care.. but your messaged was wise and nice,.. on a lighter note, my cat just had kittens so... yeaaah.. haha
John Reed Smith
John Reed Smith Muaj më parë
i used to be the one in my group that has the same feeling than you, i see the problem in the world but i cant save everything and everyone, i just attemp to be good to my community.
Abduraghmaan Gabriels
Abduraghmaan Gabriels Muaj më parë
I've been watching you guys ever since you guy's made the switch from purely comedic criticism and reactions to expressing your views on the lack of nuances and it's been absolutely profound in my perspective, even though I agree with a lot of what you've said I've also learned alot about myself and the issues I have to address in my views and ideologies. So Thank You and Don't Ever Stop Being Aba & Preach because other people want you to be something else
Blue Skyla
Blue Skyla Muaj më parë
The thing is, and that’s the thing here, is that I need to provide for my family first and foremost. They are what is most important to me. I should never be pushed to feel bad for not being able to contribute to helping others. I can barely take care of my situation so much of the time. I don’t have the energy, money or time to try snd help others in an obvious way. The way I help? It’s the small things. Always the small thing. I’ll donate to one of those things at a store. I’ll give change to someone in need if i have something sometimes. But it’s nothing really. It doesn’t mean I’m better. It doesn’t mean it makes any difference. Just when I can, I like to do something in small ways because that’s what I can handle. I am most prideful of helping someone I know personally. A friend. Family. I’m not talking about money here either. Favors and such. It sucks people are starving or dying. But it’s just not my problem. I don’t watch the news most of the time because it’s just depressing. I have enough stress. Why stress about something that is OUT OF MY CONTROL. I have no qualm in not being able to go out of my way for some cause. I just can’t. And no. I don’t feel bad about that one bit. You guys speak the TRUTH and I’m very glad I found your channel. Keep it up. Cause I don’t think I’ve heard either one of you say anything I don’t agree with.
justicewalking Muaj më parë
You guys have to talk about anything other than this boring shit. Stop whining and do your show.
Mark Iaf
Mark Iaf Muaj më parë
This world started long before us and we are the ones destroying it. You do you and enjoy the one life you live as long as it doesn’t harm others and getting butt hurt isn’t considered harming others. We are all food for worms and none of us are better then any other in most cases. You two got your sh*t in its pile. It’s all good. If you changed, I wouldn’t follow because I’m not a sheep. If ppl think I’m a d*ck, tell me I’m a d*ck. I’m not going to cry but I don’t melt like a snowflake, Do not change and keep making your money because at the end of the day, no one pays your bills but you. Luv, peace and chicken grease.
Albert Parish
Albert Parish Muaj më parë
I understand the point you guys are making and I mostly agree with what you're saying. I agree that you don't have the moral obligation to put your time and effort into dealing with ALL of problems you hear about in the world but I do think that morally you do actually need to care about any issue that YOU are directly a part of and that you are aware of at the time. In today's world, there are soooo many things we do that have a negative impact on people from other parts of the world. So keeping that in mind, I'm not expecting anyone to actually remember each and every single one of these issues when it comes down to the time they have the choice to contribute or to not contribute to them. But if they have remembered it at the time, morally they do need to choose not to contribute to the issue in question. And people say that that requires effort and we haven't got the time to think about where to buy ethical products and to that I say yes, that's right. But look, that's tough. Morally speaking, you don't get to choose to ignore a problem you are a part of. And anyway, honestly it's really not THAT tough. If you really want to talk about tough, you should take a look at the lives of the people affected by the issues we in the west are allowing to happen. It is definitely worth the extra 5-10 minutes (if that) of your daily life making sure you're buying something that doesn't end up making someone else's life a misery. As for doing the extra by donating or volunteering to help these people, that's your choice and I don't care what you do but there is a basic level of care I think should be taken to all issues you are both a part of and are aware of at the time.
exactly why L
exactly why L Muaj më parë
I agree completely, it's insane how much people can pressure others to take a stand and comment on everything. I get that when you care, you want others to care too so it gets better, but...people have their own lives, and then there's everything happening in the local and global community. I don't think it's an obligation to care about what's happening everywhere else. Everyone always has stuff happening already in their lives and their community.
Olga Rykov
Olga Rykov Muaj më parë
I can't say that I don't care, I certainly do. But I also have obvious limitations as one single person to cause global change, sometimes to even make a slight difference. It doesn't deter me from the fact that I care, and I will always be on the lookout for anything that I can do that's helpful BECAUSE I care. I think many people want to be in control of the life around them to the point that when they can't cause change or can't fix something they resort to "choosing not to care" about it in the first place. In my opinion it's just a copout, but to each his own. That said, I'm not easily shamed or guilt-tripped by people pointing out that I don't spend my last dime on a cause, or don't spend every last minute of my free time supporting a good cause or charity. It's not on me or any single person that our systems are inherently exploitative, outdated, and inhumane. That's why I also don't hold any one person accountable for not caring about stuff I care about - because I know it's not on them, just like it isn't on me. I think the sweet spot is to ultimately care but to get rid of the "all or nothing" mentality, so that you don't feel existential dread for not being able to fix or change things, and so that you don't end up blaming other individuals for not being able to cause global change. Because that's an unrealistic and a juvenile expectation from the people in your life. But I also think to not care, or even go as far as to numb oneself out - that's just a polar opposite extreme of freaking out about everything in the world and regarding everyone who isn't doing anything about it all as somehow bad or lazy.
jayboy2kay7 Muaj më parë
What people so not seem to understand is PEOPLE ARE HUMAN, AND HUMANS ARE SELF CENTRED BY NATURE!! I cannot stand virtue signalling idiots who don’t even know basic human nature. It all comes back to that. Seriously.
Rick Van Dam
Rick Van Dam Muaj më parë
My older sister got mad cause we didn't care for the missiles that got launched in Israel She for real is in university and thought it was a rare thing for those 2 beliefs to fight eachother
Felippe com dois pés
Felippe com dois pés Muaj më parë
desenterraram mensagem de amor
Michael Myerth
Michael Myerth Muaj më parë
Preach was mean muggin me like my mom during my elementary school student teacher conferences, when the bad news comes out.
sab Muaj më parë
man thank you the last part made me tear up. i’m american jewish and i feel like i fuck up no matter what i say and i get so stressed at what ppl say but this reminded me to take a step back
sab Muaj më parë
thank you for being sane
bastiat6865 Muaj më parë
On point.
Nodge Sinisborat
Nodge Sinisborat Muaj më parë
I care but I firmly believe adversity causes self growth. I've suffered immensely in my own life mainly as a child and then from my own choices. I take full responsibility for the suffering in my life that I caused myself, and how I handled suffering caused by others. I've grown from it and will continue to do so. We live in a world of dualities, in a non dual universe (the key is in the name UNIverse). Without suffering we couldn't know pleasure, and this applies to EVERYTHING. Where society goes wrong however is lack of seeing this and therefore lack of gratitude for not suffering. Do I feel bad for people being bombed? Yes Do I feel grateful there's literally zero chance of a bomb landing on my house? FUCK YES Most people don't think about shit unless it's happening to them, or they want to virtue signal about it on social media.
Tp Muaj më parë
Bit late, but I suppose I'll chime in. In my early to mid twenties I had a lot of issues with head aches, Doc' couldn't figure it out, eating healthier and working out didn't seem to work much either. Turns out I was spending so much time being stressed and angry due to 'caring about everything'. I'd be mad about tragedies, I'd be angry at game developers, music labels, foreign governments, animal abuse, sports fixing. I spent the majority of my days in some sort of stress, perhaps it's not a huge surprise that it'd cause some sort of tension related head ache. So not only is it impossible to truly care about everything, it's not healthy for you either.
tieneeddo awestruck
tieneeddo awestruck Muaj më parë
I have 2 special needs kids that I homeschool because our school district has zero programs for special needs kids. Me and my wife both work 40 a week on different shifts. For myself, I try to stay informed, but I have way to much shit to tend to in my own life to devote time trying to crusade for something. It does not mean I don't care, it means I don't have the time or energy. As for Aba and preach..... I come to this channel to be entertained, by intelligent dudes, with sharp senses of humor. If I wanted to be depressed and worried I would live on twatter or some news channel. Much love to all yall from Kentucky.
Jason S.
Jason S. Muaj më parë
I love your channel guys! Thanks for the smiles, laughs and thought provoking content. You do you booboo ... you do you!!!
Lolo Cardona
Lolo Cardona Muaj më parë
I was kind of that way. I wasn’t pushing these topics into people but I was pushing myself to care. But I realized about a year ago that I never truly, genuinely cared. I only “cared” because it was pushed to me 24/7; the constant manipulative tactics to make people make you feel like the bad guy it you don’t care was tiring. Activism isn’t always good, not every movement is a good one. I learned that from how manipulative the movement against Vietnam vets were. At the end of the day, I only care about what will affect me and my local community, because that is what I can care about.
Stevie Wunder
Stevie Wunder Muaj më parë
Thanks for changing my worldview. I always felt guilty for not giving a damn about things that I have no influence over or have no energy for. Good to realize it's okay not to care about everything.
H K Muaj më parë
Phenomenal attitude!
Joelle Goh
Joelle Goh Muaj më parë
Do you have the transcript of this video? So many gems in it. Would be awesome if you do.
Zion Brady
Zion Brady Muaj më parë
Is there a second subscribe button?
Bryce Ring
Bryce Ring Muaj më parë
I think you two just hit your 40's ;)
Samuel Kim
Samuel Kim Muaj më parë
People “care” about people who don’t have access to clean water yet they shit into clean water almost every day
Evsdropr 2.0
Evsdropr 2.0 Muaj më parë
Hey, guys. Really enjoy your videos. Could you do a video about CRT (Critical Race Theory)? I really want to hear your opinions on it and if you think it should be taught in schools.
Allusionsxp Muaj më parë
I feel this in my soul. I just can’t care about everything.
Wulf Hendrix
Wulf Hendrix Muaj më parë
I'm mad u used poly people as an excuse. If u can love all your kids and both parents and siblings equally..then u can love two people romantically equally. Liking a mofo is another thing but I agree with everything else
Wulf Hendrix
Wulf Hendrix Muaj më parë
@The Badddest a false equivalency and a bad example. Where I'm from we call that propaganda 🤷🏿‍♂️
The Badddest
The Badddest Muaj më parë
its just an example not that deep
Your left acrylic pinky nail
Completely agree
Eba Abu
Eba Abu Muaj më parë
Man the world needed a video like this.
a rock
a rock Muaj më parë
Amazing Shit man
Eric Williams
Eric Williams Muaj më parë
Truth and thank you guys you just but some of us think everyday
Jay Faisa
Jay Faisa Muaj më parë
This is my first time watching this channel. Does Preach talk much?
Quintupletuple Muaj më parë
I support you all the way, I wish more people on ALdesk had this pure of a heart
Travor Mcdonalds
Travor Mcdonalds Muaj më parë
To each his own!
Mutsu Hanma
Mutsu Hanma Muaj më parë
There in lies the problem...together we succeed but divided we fall. If we tackle only problems that affect us like we have been doing, nothing gets done. But if a small army coalition gets together to tackle problems in the U.S....then maybe our quality of life may increase. Sure, it's no ones job to call out corruption, but if no one contributes, corruption runs rampant. NO ones job to deal with any issues, but if no one inputs anything...these issues grow. A hammer hits but never pierces, but a spear pierces but not always hits. If everyone can concentrate their support to issues one at a time and we are all in the same page...then we can start to efficiently take care of things in the world. we can do this at least 1 day a week where the population tackles a different issue...and the government CAN set it up...just ask the population and make a voting event. Once a week....twice a month...paid day off if you work...we can tackle problems and not feel fatigue over everything. But the biggest problem is us just being on the same page...and as long as that never happens...we can never tackle problems
marekprazak Muaj më parë
tried to find some info about haiti.. they always talk about it or mention it.. but man there are only like 3min clips about some vioalnce.. is there no longer documentary?
Angelina Kalijärvi
Angelina Kalijärvi Muaj më parë
Blink twice if you're being held against your will.
xDEATHDEFIENCEx Muaj më parë
Preach be put here staring right into our souls, let's just be glad he ain't ghost rider. 🤣
12 Kixkz
12 Kixkz Muaj më parë
Y preach look like he fighting demons 🤣🤣
Bilaal Ahmed
Bilaal Ahmed Muaj më parë
Please Aba make another video about how much you don't care about a Muslim family being ran over by a guy in a car in Ontario Canada as a targeted Muslim hate crime. Make a face like this thumbnail too.
CrispyGreyMatter Muaj më parë
If you try to do everything, you end up doing nothing. The sad thing is that the what people call activism doesn't actually do anything. Hashtags, protests, etc. What do they do? Awareness? Most already know or would agree that X is bad. WHAT'S THE PLAN? I saw this guy that did interviews with occupy wallstreet people. He was a dick. But, he was right. Sleeping in tents somewhere does nothing. They should have been down in DC. They should have been calling their reps. They should have been going at the SEC. But, even when he told them that, they didn't listen. They just parroted the party line. Which is the real problem i.e. Even when someone comes along with a plan, it gets ignored. In fact, the only time I know of that there was a plan (and it worked) was for green inkjet carts. The environment people proposed that a company do just one line. If it works, they make money. If it doesn't, they've proved the market doesn't exist. Win/win. They did it and couldn't keep that line on the shelves. It was expanded to all lines. Have a *reasonable* plan. Work the plan. Success. Also, if people only want to say what should be done and not actually do anything, kick them out. They're dead weight.
DarknessProphet Muaj më parë
"It doesn't change anything, it makes you feel better." Amen to that with how many people virtue signal on everything and become all-knowing over night, but so few actually do things that are productive. Spreading information/awareness of things you find important in a civilized manner is good, but it cannot be everything or you will become too thinly spread and ineffectual.
Squeeky Squid
Squeeky Squid Muaj më parë
You're more likely to fix a problem that you can give 100% to than you are to fix 5 problems that you give 20% to.
Kalvin Tuckler
Kalvin Tuckler Muaj më parë
I felt like my parents just sat me down to have a "conversation" hahaha.
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Black ppl cant be rac----
Vida Kunora - Nusja e Vjehrra
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