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Transwoman enters female bathroom and... this happened. 

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4 Kor 2021




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Violette Surimé
Violette Surimé 28 ditë më parë
This is an Asian spa where each gender is sectioned off because we are completely NAKED in that area! It’s not just some quick change, you are sitting in the jacuzzi with them. AND it is very common practice to bring your kid of the same gender with you because these places are supposed to be family friendly. The people who are transgender in Asia either don’t go to the baths or go with their biological gender. That’s it.
XOGamerXion 2 orë më parë
@Frank Lar They have a family friendly floor that is coed
lesliemj8288 Ditë më parë
me 8 ditë më parë
@Soy Boi98 California level of craziness, you mean.
Technoci *
Technoci * 10 ditë më parë
Meaning your Spa is for all kind.
I - need - Dis
I - need - Dis 12 ditë më parë
@Og_Szzl i said im triggered, not you L2reed
Syed Tayyab Noor
Syed Tayyab Noor 49 minuta më parë
3:34 I’m telling you if said that to my self and I think about every single time is say the phrase “the law”
GodGunsGutsandNRA Orë më parë
You may “identify” as a man, but you walk into a woman’s BR/changing room that I am in, with a dick a swinging, you won’t have to worrying about completing any “reassignment surgery” because I will immediately IDENTIFY as a TRANSGENDER reassignment SURGEON, and will perform the procedure ON THE SPOT…..totally free of charge.
Irmarie Quinones
Irmarie Quinones Orë më parë
Ignorance at it's best
Donna Doak
Donna Doak 2 orë më parë
I think they were more concerned with being sued or “called out” by the transgender community- and a lost of revenue… lets be real. And that clown who she was talking to- at first I thought that was the person she was referring to- smh-beat it flaky…she wasn’t talking to you! lol
Jo Overton
Jo Overton 3 orë më parë
Now I'm just saying a simple lock on the door and a polite walkthru for THEIR OWN PRIVACY would help alot. Please make sure CHILDREN ARE NOT PRESENT that's real real inappropriate
Pearl Hanson
Pearl Hanson 3 orë më parë
1. Far as I'm concerned Trans are not Trans until the male Genitals are amputation. 2. Note the brother to the left was about to show vitriol behavior towards the sister who stood. He does not qualify to speak out. Hypocrite fake.
Zool214 6 orë më parë
The day my daughter comes out of a Spa, Restroom etc. and said she seen a man's penis off top when he comes out he will catch these's hands 4real👊👊👊
Tainted Gaming
Tainted Gaming 7 orë më parë
That dude that inserted himself into the convo just needed to shut the fuck up. This didn't have shit to so with his white knight ass.
Rachel Kramer
Rachel Kramer 8 orë më parë
I love this WOMAN for speaking the truth ! 🥰
XOGamerXion 8 orë më parë
Apparently, the women in the video were part of a religious group that starts drama and made up the situation. Wi Spa is one of few trans-friendly spas. As a transperson I am 99% sure this is fake. Most wouldn't even go without bottom surgery.
Samantha Whang
Samantha Whang 8 orë më parë
No, it’s a recurring thing. Please watch this mother’s account of the same thing that happened to her last year. You can decide if you think she’s lying too. aldesk.info/head/rtLZnch3qH-vwHU/video.html. And it’s the law - the wi spa has no choice.
William Loney
William Loney 12 orë më parë
I'm pretty sure that if a man exposed themselves to a nine year old girl that would be a crime, so why isn't this a crime
Alejandro Gracian
Alejandro Gracian 13 orë më parë
Not a difficult subject. Facts over feelings.
Rocknium1 14 orë më parë
Misgendering? Wtf is going on in america?
Naomi Eberhardt
Naomi Eberhardt 16 orë më parë
It’s so simple ....I repeat ...it is so simple!.....Have a Transgender dressing room & bathroom ...that is so fair! #period ❤️⭐️🙏🏼
Tenece Gee
Tenece Gee 17 orë më parë
Women, natural born women, do not show her private parts around strangers, it’s just not something that r do unless we are nudists!
Melissa N
Melissa N 17 orë më parë
Thumbs up for the content guys and especially for Preach’s hearty gut busting laugh. ☺️
leamfor 19 orë më parë
So, they don't want pre-op transgender women in the women's change room because of their genitalia. Okay, done deal, you have to go to the change room pertaining to your genitalia. But what happens when a post-op transgender MAN now has to go into the women's change room? Big, muscley, hairy, transman with a vagina now has to go into the women's change room with you and your daughters. Now you're going to tell me that you feel comfortable with that? That's a man, who's likely attracted to women, and is being forced to be naked around a bunch of women. You know damn well that that wouldn't fly, either. This lady is going to be running back up to the front complaining about that, too. Yo, get this: a person's genitals shouldn't be traumatizing to you in an area where you're going to be exposed to other people's genitals. What should be traumatizing is the build of the person. A fucking pre-op transwoman with breasts and estrogen running through her system is a lot less traumatizing that being barged in on by a fucking post-op transman with full blown testosterone running through his system. Explain that to your daughters.
Qu R
Qu R 19 orë më parë
I'm not sure how to feel/think about trans ppl exposed in a public facility. Imagine being targeted because of skin color?
Shawn Locklin
Shawn Locklin Ditë më parë
This is crazy.. Where are the women's right. Why are we not protected. And this happen in California.
koolarooo Ditë më parë
God I feel bad for that staff member being yelled at. If you have a problem with how a company is run, take it up with company leadership not the on the ground workers.
1 bourbon 1 scotch
1 bourbon 1 scotch Ditë më parë
Somebody truly transgender wouldn't go slinging their genitals around for all the world to see.
Josh Aaron
Josh Aaron Ditë më parë
Mustache molester to the rescue!
Leo the lion queen
Leo the lion queen Ditë më parë
There’s a lot of transphobia in this comment section, yikes.
Patrick Trznadel
Patrick Trznadel Ditë më parë
and people said this wouldn’t happen lol
Chedring Ditë më parë
If we really want to solve this, Family bathroom (children + parents) and Unisex. Done.
Paul Norris
Paul Norris Ditë më parë
Redpill or bluepill . You at some point have to choose.
Mod Girl
Mod Girl Ditë më parë
Koji Papaya
Koji Papaya Ditë më parë
I'm pro for separate bathrooms. I am a woman so I understand the women's side. There are a lot of creeps in this world and I know there are some who are willing to go out of their way just to get what they want. Nonetheless, I also understand the sentiments of the people from the LGBTQ+ community. Well maybe just a shallow understanding (I'm not them), but I know like women, they have experienced or still experiencing a lot of discrimination. Some of them might also felt trap being born inside a body they didn't want. So everybody, regardless of their gender or status, have the right to feel safe. In this topic, the person in question was a trans woman. So of course, she won't be comfortable inside a men's bathroom. But how about the comfort of the biological women like us? Feminism had gone a long way, and maybe also out of track, but it did empower women to fight for their rights. It's just scary to think that one day, the rights I enjoy now would be taken away by the same people who are also fighting for the same thing.
Andrew Oliver
Andrew Oliver Ditë më parë
Make them pay for their own bathrooms and their own leagues and I bet, they tell you never mind.
Whatztal3nt Ditë më parë
I’m a biological woman and honestly I don’t really care. Although I do see the point they have with it and how many predators lurk around every corner.
My3dviews Ditë më parë
The solution is to have washrooms where only one person goes in at a time. Doesn't matter what gender/sex they are. No different than in your house. You don't have separate bathrooms for men and women.
Jedidiah Gatei
Jedidiah Gatei Ditë më parë
Why she talking to the worker like she can do something
lesliemj8288 Ditë më parë
My MAN, your laughter is EVERYTHING!!! Had me laughing... loved every second
MasterChief III
MasterChief III Ditë më parë
OH MY GOD SHE'S SO TRANSPHOBIC EWWWWW (you can be Trans if you want but it doesn't mean other people have to see your genitals and pretend you have a vagina even though you don't (vice versa applies too) ionno, this video is just proof of how "flawed" all this is.)
da_boring_gamer Ditë më parë
Acknowledge both the perceived and real risk of this incident but I wanted to bring up the oddity of how most western culture sexualizes the human body. I do the same thing but I don't think that's because the human body is innately sexual but rather because it is something I was taught.
3rd Eye Sire Supreme
3rd Eye Sire Supreme Ditë më parë
_They need to create a restroom for Transexuals. Problem Solved._
Liz PT
Liz PT Ditë më parë
That's so stupid from the customer service " if you are identifying yourself..." !!!!
Michelle Trusty
Michelle Trusty Ditë më parë
But some trans don’t want to use a unisex bathroom they just want to make a fuss, not understanding u are making others feel not safe
May Elabi
May Elabi Ditë më parë
I died at "lemme get this straight" :)
DirtySmoke _
DirtySmoke _ 2 ditë më parë
Just make trans bathrooms
Dylan Melnik
Dylan Melnik 2 ditë më parë
But some Trans people feel offended being told they need they're own change room or bathroom.
FLWLSS F1 2 ditë më parë
I'd be the first gay women to catch a LGBTQ case... You do not play wit peoples kids 😤😞😩😩😫😠😡🤬
Shan Theragine
Shan Theragine 2 ditë më parë
Yes, Give her all her money back!!!! Giver her all her money back!! No No and No they were flashed!
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts 2 ditë më parë
Im glad yall covered this. It was unacceptable smdh
6sixtysix 2 ditë më parë
The lady in the video is so right
Blu Halo
Blu Halo 2 ditë më parë
Does someone have to get raped before people act like adults and say hell no to a naked dude around women and girls?
Blu Halo
Blu Halo 2 ditë më parë
Literally would have everyone I know leave zero star reviews if they allow this. Dude theres little girls in there.
Blu Halo
Blu Halo 2 ditë më parë
Damn dingaling bro wandered into the high level mobs zone
Kaney Sanders
Kaney Sanders 2 ditë më parë
This is Next level patriarchy 😂
DiaryOfTheMadHatter 2 ditë më parë
Feminist enabled this silly behavior
Nova Caulfield
Nova Caulfield 2 ditë më parë
Martin Gleeson
Martin Gleeson 2 ditë më parë
957 thumbs down!!!! Dam there's more of em ?
LeftRightExtremist 2 ditë më parë
People have been WARNING others about this shit a LONG time AGO. Many of you shunned them. Taking a damn PILL do NOT make you the sex you are NOT. PERIOD!!!
Angela Anguiano
Angela Anguiano 2 ditë më parë
You are not a transgender woman if you still have a penis. And if you’ve had your penis chopped off, you are still not a woman. You are now a man with no penis
Lynette Smith
Lynette Smith 2 ditë më parë
Get OUT NOW yell it loud they will get the message, don't put your crap on real women.
Goat under the bridge
Goat under the bridge 2 ditë më parë
the problem can be solved, by simply assigning the mens bathroom as 'others'. i mean just have 2 bathrooms - Women & Others.
ECCENTRICITY xoxo 2 ditë më parë
If you got a D... you a man period!
Cox Thibou
Cox Thibou 3 ditë më parë
If a woman with a 🍆 was following you, you’d be scared a little, but if they had a 🌶, you better run like hell!!!
dont trust anyone even ur waifu hehehe
Women voted for this.
Timmy B
Timmy B 3 ditë më parë
Apparently there is no evidence there was even a trans there the entire day this happened according to LAPD and the spa, seems pretty fishy.
Ninjhetto NLK3
Ninjhetto NLK3 3 ditë më parë
Equality is more about rights, not biologically accepted perspectives. I'd love to see naked women in male spaces.
Ninjhetto NLK3
Ninjhetto NLK3 3 ditë më parë
I don't want to discriminate, but I do believe in differentiating between cis and trans areas because of this. As a man, I never cared to see women chilling in the men's bathroom. Just don't get mad at me for looking at my dick while taking a piss. The issue with the trans rights issue is that people will take advantage of it and destroy all the progress the trans community did.
Robin Martz
Robin Martz 3 ditë më parë
Perhaps that person shouldn't even go get naked IN ANY bathroom but keep it AT HOME.
Dulmini Dharmapala
Dulmini Dharmapala 3 ditë më parë
Japan has Mixed Baths right? That's already in effect. Maybe something like that? idk
Taj Villain
Taj Villain 3 ditë më parë
I think that everyone should just change behind closed doors tbh. I've never felt comfortable with people changing in front of me. EVEN WOMEN. I don't like it.
Francisco Iravedra
Francisco Iravedra 4 ditë më parë
On the one hand: I understand her anger. On the other hand: AHHHHHHH PENIS! NO! PENISSS!
Robi Jorum
Robi Jorum 4 ditë më parë
Women opened a door on equality now men just need to identify as a woman and enjoy the same rights, i mean we smash your records in sport and take over your rights as a woman and believe me when i say this you will not do or say anything about it 😂😂😂
Christopher Burnham
Christopher Burnham 4 ditë më parë
They need to use men's bathroom, facts don't give a f**K about your feelings, a penis is male gentillia
james cummins
james cummins 4 ditë më parë
Trans got ALdesk video out here the video aldesk.info/head/g8HVfbWCnYLO05s/video.html
berenice anderson
berenice anderson 4 ditë më parë
The audacity.... there has to be regulations for this. If someone identifies as a women or says they are transgender, they should show some sort of prove. Is not okay to go into a locker room where we are supposed to feel safe and our daughters are in and we see a wholeee man with balls and a penis walking around. Like come on.... just bc anyone says the identify... that should not be enough.im sorry but it should not be enough, too many creeps who will use this.
veronica m. P.
veronica m. P. 4 ditë më parë
I totally understand and totally get what the lady is saying it’s just you know everybody has a right to feel what they feel like but for me The way the lady approached she should’ve done it like very privately and said ma’am you know I have a lot of concerns about this and that and privately because like if I was feeling uncomfortable in any kind away wherever I am I would quietly and politely tell the manager or anybody that is in charge to hurry I’m not feeling comfortable with this person or that person but you know more in a respectful kind away I don’t have anything against gays and lesbians and transgender and I had friends in Bolivia that they would get a lot of hate for and I would always advocate for them because everybody should be who they truly want to be not what everybody wants them to be and it’s a shame that we live in a society that people are still not excepting or not understanding these kind of issues and everybody has a right to have their own opinion but also it’s important to be respectful and to be courteous to other people regardless if you don’t like the other person
Justice Truth
Justice Truth 4 ditë më parë
Give them there own bathroom.
Nunu Support One Trick
Nunu Support One Trick 4 ditë më parë
I don't get why everyone CARES. Jesus fucking christ does it affect you that there's a dick? Oh boo hoo, suck it up snowflake. Pussy ass transphobes. Fuck all of you in the comments you're disgusting.
Venessa Lipps
Venessa Lipps 4 ditë më parë
Having a 3rd bathroom my seem like the answer. But, at the end of the day; (civil rights wise) it's not different than separate, but equal.
Chelli B
Chelli B 4 ditë më parë
I am so glad she spoke up! This is not ok at all!!
METAL ASSASSIN 4 ditë më parë
Thank feminism for pushing females rights into the sink
Alexis Finney
Alexis Finney 4 ditë më parë
I'm a transgender dude myself and this spa video just makes me upset. I highly doubt that this person was a real trans woman, but even if they were, this single transwoman shows the extreme minority. The small 1% of transwomen that would absolutely not do this. These kind of videos just make proof for people who already didn't like trans women that their feelings are valid and that transwomen should absolutely be disrespected and deserve the cruelty that comes their way. Trans women are killed just for having a job or walking in a store, fully clothed and minding their own business. Trans women aren't flinging their dicks around and demanding to be respected for it. Most of them are just trying to live their lives, respectful of other people's spaces. And what's more? This spa video is probably fake, and has already led to VIOLENCE: (References:) slate.com/human-interest/2021/07/wi-spa-la-transphobic-protest.html www.advocate.com/transgender/2021/7/09/was-trans-nudity-incident-los-angeles-spa-staged www.latimes.com/california/story/2021-07-20/how-far-right-rage-transgender-rights-la-spa-chaos-streets There is a difference between biological sex, something hardwired into your body, and gender, a social construct. Spas shouldn't be separated by "gender." It should be separated by biological sex. People with the same parts grouped together to avoid uncomfortable situations. Everyone with a vagina in one room, everyone with a penis in another. Educate yourselves on the difference between biological sex and gender, and fully read my comment before trying to make a debate with me. This spa video is likely staged as an outcry to rant about transwomen who would never do this, and has already made a violent protest. This kind of talk is dangerous. You don't have to 'believe' that trans people exist, or the idea of it all. You just have to realize they do exist, and realize the difference between who they really are, and who is TAKING ADVANTAGE of the transgender movement.
T anonimo/a
T anonimo/a 5 ditë më parë
Im a trans woman and i wont show up on a place like that couse i know and i fear something like this could happend .. so basically i think that was a pretator not a real trans
ZHEN SHANREN 5 ditë më parë
Notice these are things being forced on women, by primarily yt men … It’s like the childhood game of pretend has gone on way too long, and now, you’re an adult, and you are demanding that other adults go along with this game of pretend WTF?!
ZHEN SHANREN 5 ditë më parë
Humans are confused, if you want to “be” or “belong” you will justify A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G To my way of thinking, things are getting really crazy … what’s next?, you identify as Black even though you were born white (which actually happened)?, or an adult choosing to identify as an adolescent? This happens to me I will scream so hard so loud for so long that it will be the last time that “pkg” will EXPOSE themself in a women’s area
Lydia Bauer
Lydia Bauer 5 ditë më parë
Why can’t it be like legal gender change only? Like transition surgery and all? Not to bring up privilege, but yea it’s a privilege to have all of that surgery. Sometimes you’re just given a shit hand in life. It shouldn’t be at the detriment of many to save the comfort of one.
bekki smith
bekki smith 5 ditë më parë
Fun fact: If you were to clone a transwoman, you would get lots of men!
Vic Brown
Vic Brown 5 ditë më parë
13:15 I completely agree and that’s in any discrimination that trans people face, trans women face it worse just like for cispeople
Stacy Kesk
Stacy Kesk 5 ditë më parë
This is not a difficult situation. As has always been the case, he has no business being in there.
Amazing A. Taylor
Amazing A. Taylor 5 ditë më parë
There is an easy solution to this bs. if you have a D you are a dude point blank. I'm going to jail if my daughter was there and a D walked in like it was all cool.. it would get real hot real fast
Qaboom !
Qaboom ! 6 ditë më parë
Someone should just cut it off for him, there you fished your wish
Linda Kay
Linda Kay 6 ditë më parë
Then you guys wouldn’t mind having a chick with tits AND a dick crawling into the jacuzzi with you!! They can go in MENS ROOM...
Linda Kay
Linda Kay 6 ditë më parë
If you want to be a “woman” but keep your Dick - the you can go in with the boys. If you cut it off, then you can come in with the girls. Why should all women be uncomfortable and scared just so trans women can feel more comfortable. Let the MEN learn how he to be TOLERANT!!
Simon Adebesei
Simon Adebesei 6 ditë më parë
Your content is intresting but some of us got jobs, your vids are to long but love your work no hate
shadowbringer246 6 ditë më parë
If you have a dick and balls then you go to the men's room. If you got a vagina then you go to women's room. It's that simple. Nobodies gonna care about your fEeLiNgS if you get offended over it.
Miranda Lea
Miranda Lea 6 ditë më parë
Lol just make a third bathroom for people that are making the transition😫😅 but no, that's too much of a solution 🤦🏽‍♀️
camerachica73 6 ditë më parë
In France some public swimming pools have unisex changing rooms that have individual cubicles - the one and only time I've used one, a guy tried to follow me into my cubicle and I was 40 years old at the time. Little girls after about 7 years old get a little more independent i.e. they want to go to the bathroom alone and have their own changing cubicle, but this madness makes this impossible. What's terrible in this video is that the female employee wasn't apparently concerned for the children at all.
Faqja Tjeter
Black ppl cant be rac----
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