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I have no words... This had us crying. 

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4 Qer 2021




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James raque l
James raque l 15 orë më parë
I don’t get the chicken thing if anybody eats chicken they like fried chicken
Hacker Hacker
Hacker Hacker Ditë më parë
Black chick: if i see a white person wearing braids am like what does that mean to you Also Black Chick seeing hear friend with a brazilian: Girl, that hair looks good on you!!!
Sheepdog 5 ditë më parë
Umm…..whites had dreads as well in our history…..some people are so ignorant
JC 5 ditë më parë
Aba screaming like my mom when she laughs off camera made the whole video
First Last
First Last 6 ditë më parë
I'm starting to think Jubilee is trolling Aba & Preach
Ozzy M
Ozzy M 7 ditë më parë
Not even three minutes in I'm busting my gut laughing. Edit: Well that deescalated quickly... -_-
Lau Vasquez
Lau Vasquez 8 ditë më parë
Do you enjoy fry chicken? WHO DOESNT?! If you’re not vegetarian or vegan you probably love fried chicken!
serious 10 ditë më parë
I would have just walked off the set... they were being lowkey offensive with some of these question
Noah Pena
Noah Pena 11 ditë më parë
literally everyone loves fried chicken. you dont even need to ask ppl.
Drinner D
Drinner D 11 ditë më parë
Jubilee is pure "class"... man, I feel so "enlightened"... I never knew how "black" I ... wasn't. ... Thanks, Jubilee.
Spotty Blanks
Spotty Blanks 11 ditë më parë
Jubilee: this first question isn't racist or stereotyping is it.
berenice anderson
berenice anderson 13 ditë më parë
Question: Abba, why do you wear that thing on your head for the commercial?
Bri J
Bri J 13 ditë më parë
Is this serious…. The questions are so trivial smh
Watup_b 14 ditë më parë
Bluechew is paying big bucks
ahhh reelmonsters
ahhh reelmonsters 14 ditë më parë
the codeswitching question was the only real question. that shit can be awkward as hell when you recognize the subtle signs of another nigga from the hood but you both talking "white" cuz you the only two black people in the room. i think the real question here is, do white people understand that this is happening and do they even care?
Elisa M.O
Elisa M.O 14 ditë më parë
It’s the floorboards creaking for me lol
Tom Lindsay
Tom Lindsay 14 ditë më parë
Did he say nigger @ :39?
Laura Jean Hay
Laura Jean Hay 16 ditë më parë
I am as white as it gets. But I avoid slang and could say I have two different types of speaking style professional and casual.
William Ross
William Ross 17 ditë më parë
I sat here thinking "if the next question is whether or not they like fat white girls, I will have a heart attack"
Honey&Spice 17 ditë më parë
People are starting to forget that Vikings had dreads, so did some of the Greeks, and the Egyptians too which are not all like black black
Survivors Federation
Survivors Federation 17 ditë më parë
I fucking dare you to ask a room full of white people if there proud to be white.
healterskelter 17 ditë më parë
I will never understand the dreds conundrum, considering that they have had them since dawn of time. They are definitely not racially exclusive. It is like stretching ears, they were found globally, across oceans of time. From Egypt to Norway to Mesoamerica. Plus, everyone loves fried chicken.
MrShanester117 17 ditë më parë
EVERYONE likes fried chicken. Everyone
Lulu, Drinker of Coffee
Lulu, Drinker of Coffee 18 ditë më parë
Wow its like they think white people don't use slang or code switch.. I use a fuck ton of slang in my normal speech.. lol but not at work!
a very chronic tonic
a very chronic tonic 19 ditë më parë
Often when white people first start talking to black people we try to code switch, and black people make fun of us for it. So most white people stopped code switching for black people. Code switching is instinctual people tend to look for themselves in others, it can be beneficial to take on speaking mannerisms of the person or people you talk to. code switching isn't knew its a very old behavior.
Fredi Schwaaabe
Fredi Schwaaabe 19 ditë më parë
german tribes rocked dreads for the same amount of time african tribes rocked them… it doesn’t matter… it’s literally how u do ur hair it’s not like hurting somebody it’s doing hair…
dzhellek 19 ditë më parë
I'm sorry but do they really need to book the raquetball court for this? Some of us want to play.
ahawk72 20 ditë më parë
This is some racist BS. People would be screaming if any conservative channel did this. Now that is real privilege.
SirLeDoux 21 ditë më parë
If you’re in a professional position and you speak Ebonics you won’t be for long…guaranteed. Anyone who isn’t proud to be who they are whatever color they are is ridiculous. You can’t choose it so own it and fly it proudly but never think yours is better then another!
Suzanne Givens
Suzanne Givens 22 ditë më parë
WOW! Question ? If your black & you got straight Caucasian hair weaved in your head what does that mean to you? How stupid of a question? If your white with dreads in your hair what does that mean to you?.. I don't have dreads in my hair, but if I did. It would mean I just have a hair style. Thats what it would mean this WHITE GIRL nothing more nothing less. The whole question just feels racist.
lisa sterrett
lisa sterrett 20 ditë më parë
It mean that we don't hve the freedom 2 wear our hair. If u don't know the Amerikkkan history please STFU.
Rosemary Schiebel
Rosemary Schiebel 22 ditë më parë
Love the brother in the red plade shirt!
Suzanne Givens
Suzanne Givens 22 ditë më parë
Damn... Now I want some FRIED CHICKEN 😋! 🐣🍗🥚🍴❤😁
Malisha Gavali
Malisha Gavali 22 ditë më parë
Me watching this video while eating fried chicken 👁👄👁
Hadi Hijazi
Hadi Hijazi 23 ditë më parë
"You think the next question is guna be better? we started out with fried chicken" xD
Josh Williams
Josh Williams 23 ditë më parë
"You never had fried chicken🥺🥺🥺?" I heard some sadness in his voice like he just met a starving child 😭🤣🤣🤣
ItWouldBeRashToSay 18 ditë më parë
That is my reaction as well.
Xaymara Villamides
Xaymara Villamides 23 ditë më parë
From Puerto Rico we love fried chicken 🍗 we love fried anything ☺️
Daniel Andrei Rusu
Daniel Andrei Rusu 23 ditë më parë
What's so funny?
Lala Jones
Lala Jones 23 ditë më parë
Agree but realize somethings. The fried chicken? France is very strict in what words they allow into their language. The U.S. has a mix of words from various countries & slang. It's the same for foods/dishes. Italian, Mexican, Thai & Chinese to name a few. There's no "American" food. It's what influences such as spices that contribute to food. People for generations used what they had around them to feed themselves. Irony is that many 'Colored' dishes were made because poor & used what was available now, it's popular such as fried chicken. I'm not appropriating when have spaghetti, pot pies or even Pennsylvania Dutch noodles. Grew up on a farm, grandmother made peach/apple/cherry cobblers, preserves, greens, cantaloupe, strawberries, grapes & watermelon.
Lexxis Chevonne
Lexxis Chevonne 24 ditë më parë
First guy with the accent: 🤷🏾‍♂️"I THOROUGHLY enjoy fried chicken...." BRUHHHHHHHHHH😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lexxis Chevonne
Lexxis Chevonne 24 ditë më parë
Not they started with chicken 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂WTFFFFFFF
Chawanne Burns
Chawanne Burns 24 ditë më parë
Why she lying and you got blonde weave in your head😂😂😂😂
James Monroe
James Monroe 25 ditë më parë
Wednesday Brown
Wednesday Brown 25 ditë më parë
Preach! Your laugh is so intoxicating cracks me up every time.
Boom Stick
Boom Stick 25 ditë më parë
But was Kanye invited to the cookout??? The people need to know
David Jonas
David Jonas 25 ditë më parë
Not gonna lie, I've probably watched the first minute of this video 100 times
Gordon vincent
Gordon vincent 25 ditë më parë
When I watch you guys , I feel like I'm smoking and hanging with my cousins, appreciate the good vibes man 🙏
Hidden Lineage
Hidden Lineage 25 ditë më parë
"If you're a white person and you have dreads in your hair, what does that mean to you?" Uhhhh, cultural histories maybe? One of the oldest known records of wearing dreads in your hair were the Greeks. We also can't forget about the northern Europeans and eastern Asia.
Hidden Lineage
Hidden Lineage 25 ditë më parë
@Salem The Grey Yup. Those, they weren't the only ones. White people's hair turns to dreadlocks naturally without being taken care of.
Salem The Grey
Salem The Grey 25 ditë më parë
Like Vikings and Celts (I assume that's what you meant by northern European?)
Robby DeFrancesco
Robby DeFrancesco 26 ditë më parë
the guy who said the thing about the business meeting and the basketball court. Every race does that its not a white voice its a formal manner of speaking. Every race has their own slang and switch to formal when in business situations.
jessica coppola
jessica coppola 26 ditë më parë
Aba, when he is wearing that hoodie, with that blank stare, at 9:00 in...he was reminding me of that Simpsons meme, where Mr. Burns ends up doped out of his mind on drugs (ahem, molly) and his eye-pupils were the sizes of freaking saucers. Had me freaking rolling!!!! 😂😂😂😂 Okay, continue, LMAO....
Brody Kekoa
Brody Kekoa 27 ditë më parë
I unfortunately had my headphone volume up for that intro.
Ember Rodriguez
Ember Rodriguez 27 ditë më parë
Is weird how watermelon, koolaid/tang, and fried chicken is stereotyped to black people when really thats just stuff thats cheap and good. Grew up loving and eating all that, and it aint cuz Im whatever % racial group its because I grew up poor and thats what we could afford as treats.
Jack Schoffman
Jack Schoffman 28 ditë më parë
Bruh. That's one hell of an opening. Holy shit this is like high schooler who never met a black person questions
Graham Tyler
Graham Tyler 28 ditë më parë
I guarantee that white people in Africa code switch more than the black people there too, just a fact of life that the minority has to acquiesce a bit to the majority. Everywhere.
An. Cr.
An. Cr. 29 ditë më parë
I also THOROUGHLY enjoy fried chicken
J S 29 ditë më parë
This is the most liberal thing I have ever seen.
Whank McSockpuppet
Whank McSockpuppet 29 ditë më parë
Oki Doki Yow Yow
Oki Doki Yow Yow Muaj më parë
Why does it bad to do dreads if you're not black?
Sarah D
Sarah D Muaj më parë
The Kanye question was trying to ask about politics without asking about political stances.
King Muaj më parë
From early roman writings, they described Vikings and Celtics as wearing dreadlocks.
RevBravo Muaj më parë
how are they not canceled lol
Dex Slice
Dex Slice Muaj më parë
Wow... Why there's a Brazilian song at the end. Unexpected! Kkkkkk Não esperava mesmo.
K Muaj më parë
VladHaterade Muaj më parë
Ignorant af
Aoeworth Taralom
Aoeworth Taralom Muaj më parë
"You have a white voice?" LMAO. Lost my shit at that.
Cold Juice
Cold Juice Muaj më parë
Is the reason American black people talk the way they do because they were not allowed education generations back. And that has stuck with them until this day, so rather try to educate themselves on language it's almost like a badge of honor to talk a broken form of English
ItsJustMe Muaj më parë
Lol, that first question! Take any white folks, Asian folks ANY people into that group, and they all be split up like this. :P Also, the dreds thing... You know should black women not straighten their hair? Should no white ppl dye their hair black? It's just hair! STOP IT! Some white people shouldn't get dreds because it looks like shit, but if it looks good, leave it alone.
MR.Feenie Muaj më parë
Bruh I’m waiting for my flight trying not to laugh out loud haha folks gotta think I’m crying 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣 but I’m just tryna contain.
Jonas Roggenland
Jonas Roggenland Muaj më parë
I´m a white man in a predominately white country (Germany) and i "code switch" all the time every day. Not based on race but on general circumstance.
Ghene Fox
Ghene Fox Muaj më parë
“I enjoy Fried Chicken”, OMG😂😂😂😂
Ethan Mackenzie
Ethan Mackenzie Muaj më parë
preach laugh be killing me everytime
DaRealClem Muaj më parë
bruh the 1st girl cappin sooooo hard just look at her make up she not one of us
DaRealClem Muaj më parë
first 3 minutes was hilarious!!!
Rebecca Romero
Rebecca Romero Muaj më parë
Every "ethnic group" jubilee questionnaire jawn is stereotypical as well. Watched the Latino one & it was a lot of "Mexican centered" questions, and stereotypical Mexican centered questions🤨😂 so yea, iont know what they're trynna do with these
eclipsewrecker Muaj më parë
Jubilee’s vids could be so good, but they are superficial and trendy BS. Someone should come out with a channel that does these vids to really open up peoples minds.
Han Alex Crane Alister
Han Alex Crane Alister Muaj më parë
That white American stereotype people don’t code switch, they come to Mexico wanting us to speak English because they are American, they would Karen their whole existence because they feel entitled (not all Americans and not all white Americans, just those who fit the stereotypes
Han Alex Crane Alister
Han Alex Crane Alister Muaj më parë
Some are pretty common in people worldwide (fried chicken) and some could be explain through culture and tradition, Mexicans love tacos and that’s a fact, yes there are some who don’t and we usually just cut their heart out as a sacrifice to our gods, but sometimes we don’t do you could find that rare diamond glowing Mexican who doesn’t like tacos
mohawksniper79 Muaj më parë
America was built on the blood of aboriginals who they tried to erase. You want to talk racism you read a little about that then see how bad you have it. We are still beaten on in many places in Canada and USA. It will always be stolen land and the price are people payed would make Hitler look like the queen to USA and Canada.
mohawksniper79 Muaj më parë
Fun fact dreadlocks come from Hinduism culture 👍🤠
Champīon Muaj më parë
How is "Sh*t" edited out, but not "N*gga"?
Gregor Muaj më parë
I'm Scottish and we code switch all the time same with the Irish. And I'm not talking about Scottish American or Irish Americans I mean real Scots and Irish.
Ross Dawson
Ross Dawson Muaj më parë
And they say black people can’t be racist .
Jaxon Ferguson
Jaxon Ferguson Muaj më parë
3 or 4th question, Vikings anyone?
Jaxon Ferguson
Jaxon Ferguson Muaj më parë
Also cultural appreciation is stupid because when people do it, its 99.99% of the time people trying to fit in or because they like it
Jaxon Ferguson
Jaxon Ferguson Muaj më parë
Why is there even a stereotype about black people liking fried chicken, it’s a meal that all people can enjoy
Leo R
Leo R Muaj më parë
I never had fried chicken. SHUT YOUR LYING ASS UP!. I am Puertorican and I could not get enough of my mom's fried chicken. I bet this lady was liking her fingers dry as a kid for that sweet grease
romeazn Muaj më parë
I was waiting for second question I enjoy watermelon...
Thomas Riddle
Thomas Riddle Muaj më parë
Never ate chicken... LOL thats like saying uve never took a breath before... Even if youve never ate the meat as far as you remember, youve damn well ate an egg or ate something with egg or chicken products in it..
Thewicked Muaj më parë
dreads are not just a black thing.. many other cultures had dreads as well
Accountabilty Who?
Accountabilty Who? Muaj më parë
They have an opportunity to ask real questions to help others understand their experience and THESE are the questions they ask? Wow....just wow..
Kent Brown
Kent Brown Muaj më parë
Hey team. Meds for erectile disfunction are proven to cause even more problems.
Spydergy Muaj më parë
I feel it’s a normal thing for almost all people to change how they act depending on where they are. In the office? I don’t use certain words and I’m more polite. Normal day to day stuff? I act more like myself. It’s just the way corporations expect people to act. I love being around people that can be themselves
Robert B
Robert B Muaj më parë
If I prefer black BBQ, does that make me racist? Asking for a white friend
Kevin Joshua Ng
Kevin Joshua Ng Muaj më parë
I mean, humans originated from Africa...
Troy Thatcher
Troy Thatcher Muaj më parë
bro what are these questions is this all a joke or something
Troy Thatcher
Troy Thatcher Muaj më parë
bro was so fast to say that im dead
SpaghettiBoy7 Muaj më parë
At first it was funny, now it’s just pitiful
DarknessProphet Muaj më parë
"White people can be white everywhere." Ask that proud to be black question to them, but with their skin color and watch the outcome. Get out with that dung pile.
DarknessProphet Muaj më parë
People not wanting slang in a professional setting has nothing to do with your skin color. If I enter a company and hear it or receive an email and read it, I'm leaving because I don't want a street attitude in a professional setting.
Gustavo Soad
Gustavo Soad Muaj më parë
I get that it's a stereotype but man, I don't trust people that don't like fried chicken. I love fried chicken
Benjamin Reyes
Benjamin Reyes Muaj më parë
It's a very valid video. The black community does have certain stereotypes that needs to be addressed. The people in this video were simply stereotypical
Am Pollard
Am Pollard Muaj më parë
For the record:. wypipo should not wear locs EVER
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